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About Vuclip:

Vuclip, a PCCW Media Company, is a leading premium video-on-demand service for emerging markets with 9 million subscribers per quarter. The company’s premium OTT service Viu is currently enjoyed by consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India. The foundation pillars of Vuclip’s strategy are: premium Asian content in 34 different languages from more than 270 top content providers around the world; a personalized and localized viewing experience tailored to users based on deep data analytics; and patented Dynamic Adaptive Transcoding which provides an elegant, unbuffered user experience regardless of device or network.

Vuclip, Inc. and affiliate companies are headquartered in Milpitas, California and have a presence in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Dubai, Beijing, Jakarta.

Vuclip’s Business Objectives:

  • To amass viewers for its newly launched Video on Demand (VOD) service – Viu
  • To create awareness for its co-produced Cricket Comedy Chat show – Viu Originals’ ‘What the DUCK!’
  • To be seen as among the Top 3 Video on Demand (VOD) players in India in the light of Netflix’s entry into India coupled with the mushrooming of over 30 other competitors in the video streaming business
  • To encourage video viewers to subscribe to high quality premium content with its localized content strategy and micropayment options
  • To position itself as an Insights driven company that converts data insights into viewer delight
The world of entertainment unfolds at Viu

The world of entertainment unfolds at Viu

Approach| Strategy Adopted:

  • 3 Social mediums – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on which the company Vuclip had its presence were renamed to Viu India, @Viu_In and VIUINDIA respectively so as to avoid any perceptional dissonance among existing users of Vuclip between the brand names Viu and Vuclip.
  • #UrWay2Viu to Trend on Twitter on the day of the launch of Viu with cricketers like Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan and Sachin Tendulkar and celebrities like Harsha Bhogle, Nikhil Chinnappa, Miss Malini, Purab Kohli, Mandira Bedi, Roshan Abbas among many others tweeting from the launch event.
  • Content catalogue updates to underscore the freshness and diversity of the videos on the Viu platform.
  • Sharing Celeb Trivia, Celeb gossip/news and Celeb content around their birthdays so as to make Viu the destination of choice for fans of the celeb to celebrate their ‘Fandom’
  • Fan Connect campaign conducted on Twitter to promote the second episode of Viu originals’ What the Duck featuring Sachin Tendulkar with #ViuSachinOnWTD
  • Sharing media coverage to proliferate brand visibility and enhance credibility in the hyper competitive VOD market


Results Achieved by Vuclip’s Viu in India:

  • App downloads from Google Play Store crossing 100,000 downloads in a span of one month post the launch with App Rating of 4.1
  • 429000 Likes on Facebook | 16600 Followers on Twitter | 468 Followers on Instagram
  • Organic mentions of Vuclip’s Viu have now increased in the VOD industry stories in the media wherein it is mentioned along with the likes of Netflix, Hotstar, HOOQ, Eros Now, Spuul and VOOT.
  • Increased traction for the Original series – What the Duck has resulted in a big sponsorship deal with a major global beverage multinational company brand.
  • The campaign to promote the second episode of Viu originals’ What the Duck featuring Sachin Tendulkar with #ViuSachinOnWTD secured over 84000 impressions and over 2800 retweets.



  • The kind of content shared with followers changes with the company’s transition from being a B2B brand (Powering Airtel’s Re.1 Entertainment Store) to becoming a consumer facing B2C brand
  • Offline or Traditional Public relations groundwork complements Digital Marketing campaigns
  • All content accompanied by photo images, videos or Vines (Moving images on a loop) to creater greater engagement with target audience.
  • All images in line with the brand colors of Orange and Yellow to create brand resonance.
  • Every post accompanied by link to Google Play Store, Apple iStore (For mobile and tablets) or website (For Desktop viewing)

Photo Credits: Viu India Facebook page

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