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Free Advertising? You must be joking.

Internet Advertising is the most complex thing today and if you are getting a chance to advertise without spending a rupee then there has to be something fishy about the whole exercise. Don’t even think of getting involved in such illegitimate things. This is the reaction one gets if you open the topic of free advertising on internet and understandably so because there is no free lunch ever. But today’s advertising is completely different and involves freebies to encourage customers.

A start-up or an individual promoter may find it difficult to rake in a substantial amount of advertising budget. And if you don’t try a platform then how will you know whether it works for your business or not. To solve this problem internet giants like Google, Facebook, Bing etc have started coming out with advertising coupons. It is super easy to avail these coupons just like a click of a button. You can avail these coupon offers anywhere between $25 to $100. However in this article we will focus on how to get Facebook coupons.

You can get Facebook Ad Coupons from 3 places:

  • Facebook Marketing itself
  • Major Web Hosting domains
  • Resellers


Facebook Marketing:

Facebook encourages its users to try its advertising platform to reach its targeted audience. Facebook observed that not everyone was advertising on its platform so it started coming out with freebies. These coupons are available for new account holders as well as existing users. For new account holders you can chat with the Facebook Marketing team and find simple ways to get coupons. If they find your account suitable they will offer you coupon options. Then you just have to go to the Ad Create Tool to create an ad. Follow all the standard procedures to prepare an ad and target it. At the end click on the Place menu. Here you will get the option of writing the coupon code. You also need to write the primary payment method for your account. With these steps you have availed your coupon. If you are a occasional or regular advertiser on Facebook then you need to go to Payment Method Section in the Ad Manager located under the Billing Section. Click the New Payment Option where you can select Facebook Ad Coupon. Here you can enter the coupon code and continue. You can also get Facebook coupons for an agency account.

For users, the best way to get coupons is from Facebook itself. Facebook is also aware that once you start using its various advertising platforms you will give back much more in advertising revenue than 50$-100$ that they have given you as an initial boost. So it is a win-win for Facebook.

Major Web Hosting domains:

If you have a website and you are already paying hosting fees then your hosting services provider is likely to give you Facebook coupons. Major web hosting domains like GoDaddy, HostGator, and Fiverr.com keep giving coupons to their users. They encourage advertising on Social Media and search engines. Coupons given through these web hosting domains are accurate and reliable. You can send email to these service providers for coupons.


Many experts sell coupons on discounted prices or price as low as 5$. These type of offers are all over on the internet. I personally don’t recommend you to buy coupons from unknown sellers. But if you plan to buy coupons from resellers you need to check whether the coupon is valid in your country and for your account. You also need to check the expiry date on the coupons. There have been instances where invalid coupons have landed the users in trouble. If something goes terribly wrong you also risk your account getting banned and then you have to start all over again. To find out the best offering you can look at the rating and reviews given by customers.

Only and only if you fail to secure a coupon from Facebook or from the Web hosting domains then you can try to buy discounted coupons from these resellers.

Pre-requisites for Facebook Ad Coupon to work:

You have to satisfy all or at least some of the conditions to avail the Facebook ad coupons. They are

  • For new users you must have set up the Facebook advertiser account in the last 15 days. Otherwise you cannot redeem the coupon
  • You can use only one Facebook coupon per account within the mentioned period.
  • The coupon code must be activated with 30 days and credit limit expires within 90 days
  • You need to give your PayPal or CC to Facebook in order to activate your code.
  • You cannot use the same code for multiple accounts.
  • In some countries Facebook will not charge you but in India Facebook will charge you something between 10-15 Rs to verify the account details.
  • The coupons generally are valid all over the world however it doesn’t work in some countries due to fraud occurrences.

Thus Coupons are clearly helpful in the overall advertising set up.

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