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Want to increase engagement on online forums, but how?

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Discussions apparently are an inseparable part of our lives, we learn a lot from them – myths are ruled out, new ideologies are formed, we find like-minded friends and what not. In light of this advantage, a lot of brands are utilizing discussion forums for adding value to their business.

It’s quite easy to begin a discussion panel or online for

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um and attract like-minded people but the real challenge lies in making those people participate. Let’s just figure out what can be done to improve engagement on online forums.

Give and take: nothing in this world comes free, why would engagement, ooo……..wait, wait! Don’t think you need to pay audience for engagement, rather we are talking about perfect “barter system”– give with one hand and get in other hand, that means pay back your audience, that is cherish their views christen them “opinion leader of week” etc. and see how conversation thread shoots. Special badges like “founding peers” for initial users can work wonderfully.

 Be persuasive yet not pushy: Sounds interesting but is quite tricky, you have to use tactics and find ways to influence your community members. Try to work on idea – “what’s in for them”- are you a ‘knowledge source’, ‘topic of interest ’or‘ Opportunity Sea’ for audience.  Work on these lines and see your community members responding themselves without much effort on your end. Influence is definitely a great way to engage community.

Call to action: If your post has call to action, see audience jumping on to your wall. See how this message is calling you

“Hi Friends, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP.A group which is mainly based on FRIENDSHIP is SMARTTEENS.SMARTTEENS is a group of smart people from all around the world. This group can give u useful information, good messages, fun, humor, jokes and all type of messages. But remember any type of ADULT STUFF is not allowed in the


Easy way to respond: make passage easy for audience that means instead of making your “registration tab and comments tab” a hi-fi thriller, “keep it simple” and make it easy for user to respond.  “A complicated registration may lead to user’s disinterest”

 Appreciate, applaud and be considerate: Give due respect to your audience, weightage to their views, treat them as kings………but if they cross the line you need to hit them like if somebody is creating spam on page -send him gentle warning via private message or block him.

You will have all sorts of people on your forum and sometimes it might be the case that you (as a brand) and user might have contradictory opinion about a topic, but since forum is a user generated content page so you can’t stop him but instead work cleverly to flip his opinion.

No rule book for success: Nobody has any rule book for improving engagement but what brand can do is “remain in good books of audience” i.e.-keep doing hard work, treat your community members carefully and lovingly and then see this wonder chant working.

And last but not least “never say die”, keep your action going no matter what happens, who knows which day would turn your  fortune !!

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