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Want To Promote Your Video Content Online? Try These 5 Effective SEO Tips

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Video can help your website achieve higher ranking which can lead to increase your business. You should customize your video content as its one the factor that helps drive traffic to your website. Search engines loves video, one of the strong example is Google. There are researches which also shows that it is easier to get higher ranking with video content. To support this first there is less competition in video content and secondly video content available is not customized properly which leaves some gaps which we can utilize for our website. Now here are 5 effective SEO tips for your video content:

  • Choose Right Place To Host

You have two options to host your videos, either you can host on your own site or publish on third party sites like Youtube. If you wanna increase views of you videos which help you to generate revenue then it is good to host your video on third party sites like Youtube. On other side, if you are looking to bring customer to your website and improve the volume of search driving to your site it is good if you host your video on your own site as it helps search engines to rank your site higher. You can embed videos onto your site from third party sites which is best option.

  • Good Title And Description

It is really necessary to have good title and description for your video content. You should customize your title and description keeping Keywords in your mind. For this precondition is, you have to do keyword research in advance. Mention those keywords relevant to your site into title and description wherever possible. Also keep one thing mind while applying customization, that do not spam your title and description with keywords as it gives wrong impression to search engines.

  • Optimize Video URLs

Your URL for the video content should also be optimized where it should contain the information about page. For example ‘’ is one of the good way to customize a page URL instead ‘’. Also if possible you should provide path to video folder in your URL, for example ‘’.

  • Keep It Short

You videos length is also an important factor. If your video runs for more then 10 minutes it is very long and you should try to cut down as most of the visitors get bored after max 3 minutes. Unless and until you have really mind blowing stuff into your video you should try to keep your videos short preferably of 3-5 minutes. Suppose you have video of length 40 minutes then you can make small parts of it. Now breaking big video into small helps you, as you can optimize tags for individual part which drive traffic to your website.

  • Share It

Social media play an important role in SEO today to drive traffic to your website. Once your have created your video, uploaded it on to youtube and embedded it into your website page, it’s time to share that link onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you have only Youtube handle then Youtube provides various sharing buttons on their site itself for the ease of user. This social sharing help you to achieve higher rank.

Apart from these tips you should include video into your website map which also help search engines to index your video content effectively. You can also provide transcript with your video. Video is the good medium to reach to your customers, this tips will lead to success.

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