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Ways Of Starting Google Adword For Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

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There are various sites to set up your online advertising campaign such as social media platforms, forums, external websites or search engines. One can start with Google ads, as it is the largest source to generate traffic and it will be easy for you to set up your first campaign. Setting a Google Adword account will help you be listed on the sponsored advertising section in the search result pages, the pay per click results have a colored background, that is located on the left hand side above the organic search engine results and on the right hand side of the organic search results, not necessarily you’ll be listed on the top left hand side. Normally you might get listed on the right hand side of the search engine result pages. Pay per click campaigns basically means you pay per click, for each time when someone clicks on your ad links and is taken to your website, you pay a click fee, that fee may range depending on your competition and how much you set it for. Your ad campaign will frequently appear on the search results as long as you pay to Google.

Ways To Start With A Google Account:

1. First, go to “” or simply type in “AdWords” in Google search tab and then click on the first Google AdWords link.

Google adwords

2. Now, if you already have a “Gmail” account or “Google” e-mail, you can sign-in using your id and password. If you want to start from the scratch you can click on the tab “Start Now”.

Sign in

3. After clicking on “Start Now” you will reach the first step of creating a Google account. You will come to a question which says, ‘which best describes you?’  If you already have an email address and password with Google services like Adsense, Gmail, Orkut or Google, click on it. If you don’t use any of the services, click on ‘do not use these other services’, and then you’ll have a window pop up that says, “Create a new Google Account for use with AdWords”. Then create your own account, password, re-type the password, enter the verification code, and click on create account. You’ll receive an activation link in the provided e-mail ID, go to your mail and click on that link to get your account activated.


4. For those who already have a Google account email, click on “I already have an email address with Google” and then click on “I’d like to use my existing Google account for AdWords” and type in your email and sign in, if not “Choose a new log-in name and password just for AdWords”.

Once you have logged in or created your new account, you have the first option of “Creating Your Own Campaign”.

i) Choose your budget,

ii) Create your ads,

iii) Select keywords that match your ads to potential customers; and

iv) Enter your billing information.


To set your Google account, you’ll need a MasterCard or a Visa debit card or MasterCard debit. You have other options like bank payment and bank transfer, which takes up to 10 days.

Guidelines To Creating Your First Campaign:

1. Type in your campaign name (e.g. E-learning campaign)

2. Click on the geographical locations you want your ads to appear (e.g. Bundle: All countries & territories)

3. Based on your location, choose the language you want your campaign to appear in.

4. Networks and devices keep it default “All available sites” and “All available devices”.

5.  For bidding and budget you have two options:

  • You could manually bid for clicks, which means you will have to insert the amount into each keywords that you place.
  • You could choose automatic bidding to try to maximize clicks for your budget. The computer will automatically raise your bid level to try and get you rank on top and make your ad display more often, in the long term manual bidding will cost more but your ad will be displayed regularly.

6. Choose a budget. (E.g. Rs.1000/- per day)

7. You could choose whether you want ad extensions like Locations, Sitelinks or phone number.

8. You could skip the advanced systems.

9. Click on “Save and Continue”

 Create Ad And Keywords:

1. Choose a headline with keywords that customers would often type in the search results. The better related the keywords the better Google will rank your ad campaign.

2.  Put in your Description line 1 (e.g. Beginners Google AdWords e-book) & Description line 2 (e.g. Google AdWords Basics).

3.  Add your “Display URL” and “Destination URL” (Actual URL) http:// or https://. On the right hand side you’ll see an example of how your ad will appear on the search engine result pages.

4.  Choose effective “keywords”. On the right side, Google has a list of top keywords, simply click on the keywords that you feel are relevant to your campaign, keep adding the appropriate categories. You can type in your own qualified keywords.


5. Click on “Save and Continue Billing”.

Account Setup for Billing:

1. Choose your “Country” and Continue.

2.  Choose “Mode of payment” credit card, bank transfer, bank payment.

3.  Click on Continue.

4.  Choose the type of card, MasterCard, American express or Visa.

5. Provide your “Billing Address”.

6.  If you have any promotional codes enter your code. Promotional codes will allow you to have Google AdWords credit to your account.

7. Click on “Save and Activate”.

Your ad will appear in twenty to thirty minutes on Google’s search result pages. Keep testing and experimenting with keywords and settings to find out which combinations will work the best for your ad campaign.

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