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Ways to clean the digital footprint and the online identity

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Many times it happens that you do not want the people to see your online past and want to clean it up. When people search about you online, digital footprints is everything that shows up. Collective first impression from images to comments to blog post can sometimes break your online reputation.
Below given are 3 tips that promise your online presence reflects well on your business or brand.
1. Search yourself
Many of us in fact most of us are not aware about everything that is published about us online. In addition to this, friends and colleagues sometimes share about us, too. So, are you sure everything is appropriate out there? Search for your name by searching your name in multiple search engines. Then see what comes up. Since a picture speaks thousands words, make sure you search for text and pictures. If you find something than can spoil your reputation, then get it removed immediately by taking certain steps. It becomes easy if you know the person who is responsible for posting it. Ask that person to remove that image spoiling information about you immediately. But if the content on the site is hosted by someone you don’t know then contact the owner of the site and request him to remove it. The information may appear for in search results for a short time, but will disappear when Google updates its search results.

2. Check your Facebook privacy settings
If you are using your personal Facebook profile for promotion of your business then, then it is quite evident that your personal information can become public very quickly. So to maintain privacy, set your Facebook account only to friends. Facebook privacy settings change often even if you think that your account is lockdown. Follow the following steps to confirm that the profile is ready for your clients to see it.
• Specify the audience for future post
• Correct the past action for activity log
• Alter the privacy settings of past posts

3. Revise your personal blog
Remember that your personal blog are also featured in the search engine results. If you have a personal blog where you vent all your frustrations and make personal remarks, then go through all of them and edit all the language and also delete anything that may hinder your image professionally. Your blog is an essential shop window. So make sure that when the post are put in front of a potential client, it does not tarnish your image.

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