6 Creative Ways to conjugate Social Media and Email Marketing

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Social media marketing and Email are like Cheese & Asparagus

They are both effective in their own area; however, together they are the house on fire, they are powers which will help in exceeding the marketing goals.

One can integrate social media and email into three most convenient & profitable categories:

  • Integrating Strategically;
  • Integration of Channel and audience
  • Integration of sent Message

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Why is the conjugation of Email & Social Media required?

  • More the people share email, the potential for opens, clicks, and conversions increases massively. It helps to extend the reach of emails:
  • The social media & Email allows identifying key influencers: Metrics on who has shared THE ORGANIZATION’S EMAIL emails the most often shared by the most of the email service providers, as well as the effect their sharing has had on other key stats (opens, clicks, conversions, etc.). Armed with this data, you—the marketer—can be better informed as to who your key influencers are. If appropriate, you can then send dedicated campaigns to your biggest supporters. They provide an opportunity for list growth: The more viewership of your emails, the better chance you have of gaining new subscribers.

In the email including and promoting social connection(s) options are important for a few reasons:

  • The each of the platform provide greater opportunities to connect with the targeted audience: —email, Twitter, Face book, YouTube, a blog, etc. enables one to communicate and interact with people in a variety of ways.
  • The Email subscribers are given various choices to engage with the specified business house. They give email subscribers more options. While email is great, it’s not the only option. It’s possible that your email subscribers prefer to engage with your company or brand on different channels
  • Social Media helps to take advantage of other channels! They allow expanding the reach of the message: There is no need to limit your communication with prospects, customers and/or fans to one network.
  • A concept

    Social Media

    Social Sharing

    Asking the email subscribers to like business houses on Face book page, follow on Twitter, subscribe to YouTube channel, etc.

    When a marketer includes an option for the subscriber to share the entire email or a specific content block with their social network(s).

  • An Observation by Social Media Gurus:

    Amidst of the cacophony of the push and pull between email marketers and social media marketers, the two channels appear & are for sure to be blending into each other. Renowned & celebrated social media pros have been talking about email list growth recently. Plenty of email marketers & Social media houses are syncing their social media to their email campaigns

    Building of Base by the organization

      • Collaboration between email and social media departments of the business house.

    The email marketing department should sync with the social media staff very closely, or they can have the same people working on email marketing and social media.

      • Building up of a segmented customer database

    Set up your customer database so you know which social platforms each customer uses. The Customer base can be increased by the following way.

    Uploading Subscriber Lists to Twitter, Face book  & Instagram

    Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

    Free Digital Marketing Webinar

    Date: 27th Jan, 2021 (Wed)
    Time: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)
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    Running of  retargeting ads on Facebook and Twitter for people who click  business emails

    Actions to bridge Email and Social Media

      • Adding social media sharing buttons to business emails.
      • Adding social media connect icons to business emails (Say it loudly, proudly & boldly)
      • Adding social media engagement buttons to the business email unsubscribe page, Offering the customer  a chance to connect with the said on social media means they can still keep in touch but in a less distracting way
      • Adding a social media engagement buttons to the “thanks for signing up” page. This is at the beginning of the relationship.
      • Adding an email opt-in prompts to all concerned social media channels. Whether Face book tab, a Twitter lead generation card or a call to action on the last slide of the Slide Share, this will help the social media platforms to build your email list. Face book allows embedding an email sign-up form as one of your apps. Always try to take advantage of this great opportunity to encourage the Face book fans to opt into your email list.
      • Promoting of  Email Sign-up Via Social Networks- do not hesitate at all to ask for new email subscribers via that channel if one has a strong following on a particular social network
      • An enthralling means to hybridize email marketing and social media is to highlight a particular tweet in one the business email campaign.
      • Leverage & promote the organizational blog, Pint rest, Blogs fall under the category of social media. The content of the official blog is clearly going to go into the organizational emails. Do not forget to make sure that blogs have lots of prompts to join the business email list by using a real email service provider. Always create an archive of past emails, saved as screenshots, in the Pinterest account as a board.
      • Incentivize the Email campaign: Use contests and sweepstakes to turn fans into subscribers,  if one wants someone to connect with you on other social networks, sometimes ones need to provide an incentive—tell me what’s in it for me! It need not be financial. It can be like featuring in Email campaign or being the face of the advertisement

    Using email to move blog readers to action for social campaigns.

    This can be done once one has built sufficient trust, a combination of both email and social can be effective.

    One of the effective & tested ways is to create a call-to-action link within your email. One can easily take that call to action and put a link next to it that says “tweet this” or “post this on Facebook.” This will help to pre populate the message in the various Social media channel.

           An important tip on email marketing

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  • Picture courtesy: Digital Vidya blog, socialmediaexaminer.com

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