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Ways to create social support team for free

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A report of state of social customer support revealed that 47% of social media users are turning to social care. One of the report also revealed that 62% Americans have a social media profile on one or more social networks. Further, the number of casual social media users is declining.
Whether the companies are ready or not, customer service requests on social media networks are coming.
Ways to create a social support team are as follows:
• Create a customer expert group
Loyal customers can provide great alternatives to hiring a social support team. They are already passionate about your product and they can be committing in improving the experience other have with them. So it’s time to empower them to help others.
Simply recruit a group of customers you trust to monitor and respond to questions. The company can provide them with all the information that they normally provide to an internal support employee.
Even you can offer them additional training. Loyal customers appreciate the exclusive access shown to them and they feel like an insider and this fuels the participation and commitment even more.

• Empower employee volunteer
If appointing customers to answers questions make you nervous then consider empowering employees to volunteer their time out of their normal responsibilities. They have a lot knowledge and experience that they can lend to answer customer’s questions.
This can be done by finding ways to get them excited about helping in managing online conversations. This ways they may start welcoming opportunities to get more involved in helping customers.

• Create a little competition
People get motivated by the power of competition. By giving those little online badges, or kudos that push people to fight for the next reward. A leaderboard is a common feature in game apps that display a list of top users. Entering into top of the list is an important driving factor for many active users. It is important to give them something to aspire in order to keep them engaged.

• Create a presence across social channels
Expand your social service team into third party platform like Twitter and Facebook. You may have to face some challenges but it isn’t impossible. Customers and employees can use their own profiles to answer to customer’s question. The company can monitor those responses and validate them.
So it’s not at all hard as it sounds. First step should be to recruit your team. Send email to your customers and employees asking who are interested and what rewards they would enjoy for working in your social team.

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