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Ways to make blog mobile friendly

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Increasing number of users access blog from their mobile devices. Usage of Smartphone will continue to increase, and it should not be surprising that more people will access your blog from mobile devices rather than desktop in future. But for this first you should check your analytics to find out how many people actually access your blog from mobile devices. Most analytics program provide with this information.
The best way to test your site is to view and interact with your blog from a variety of mobile devices. Google provides a website that helps in testing your mobile website for mobile compatibility.
There are many options to create a mobile version of a website. The following options show the most likely options you can consider:
1. You should not make any changes to the website
If no changes are made on website to support mobile devices, still the visitors will be able to access the information through a web browser on their mobile devices. However it is more likely that your website won’t work correctly on mobile devices. The normal issues are:
• Too much scrolling to the right is required.
• Enlarge content every time to read because it is too small to read.
• Images and videos not adjusted correctly.
The use mobile will continue to grow. So consider a plan for future, if not prepared to make changes for now.

2. Build a mobile version of your website
When you build a mobile version of your website, then you will have two types of websites:
 Desktop version
 Mobile version
When visitors open your website on their mobile, they are automatically redirected to your mobile website. With a separate mobile website you can have different layout, content, images, etc. on the site.

3. Use of mobile optimized theme
Mobile optimized theme means you have one website, but different version of it for mobile users. The theme created is very suitable for a mobile device. It is basically light on graphics and any complicated functionality.

4. Build a susceptible design
A susceptible design means that the content automatically adjusts to the size of the mobile device. Depending on what device you display the content on, it is automatically laid out differently.

5. Build a native application
If the visitors have Smartphone, they can download applications to run directly on their phone. These are called native applications. You can build a nice use interface that is suitable for specific phones and can use some of the functionality available on the phone.

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