5 Ways to Nurture Visitors With Your Content

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Inbound Marketing is not only about attracting the audiences, it is also about many other metrics such as:

  • How to generate leads
  • Making online presence
  • Nurturing leads
  • Staying in touch with customers
  • Optimizing sales conversions

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that utilizes various channels like – Content, Blogging, Email Opt-ins, SEO, SEM, Social Media etc. for “Pull Marketing.”

When compared to outbound marketing, under Inbound Marketing the users takes the action first based on their interest. People today visit the website more for research rather than to buy. The buying process of the customer has changed with time. Today when a customer decides to make a purchase, they first involve themselves in scanning through the numbers of information available related to the product of their interest. The buyers go through various stages before the final decision making to buy any product.

At this very stage content plays a vital role when it comes to engaging and nurturing the customers for any business. In order to attract more audiences to the business it becomes essential for the marketer to plan the content in such a way that it enables the customers to stay back and engage themselves with the given information.

Content – when designed effectively focusing on the customers interests, helps to bring attention to your offerings and retain the customers to the website for the longer period of time. It is very essential to focus that the content should be based on the buying cycle of the customers, which will further help in building trust.

As it is said- “The more you invest, the greater return you get.” Content should be planned in a way that it hits the mind of the customers and stays there for long.

How this can be done? Keeping few effective things in mind will trigger the right content ideas:

  • Identify the target audience and learn effectively about their buying behaviour
  • Think why your audience should engage with your offering
  • Decide on the delivery process – Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Email etc

5 Ways to Nurture Visitors with your Content

It is very important to consider the audience / buyer behaviour once we are developing content to engage them. A relevant and optimized content is very essential for all the marketing practices. If the content is not relevant it will not engage the buyers.

For this, the marketers often consider 5 practices that enable them to create the content that helps in nurturing the visitors.

1.) Engagement:

As the word suggests, before developing and designing the content for the website or business, it is essential to
analyze how it will help in engaging the customers to the given information. Content that results in getting clicks and repeat visitors is said to be appealing. In order to measure the effectiveness of content engagement, the following can be analyzed on regular intervals:

  • Visits: Total number of visits the website is getting
  • Bounce Rate: High bounce rate indicates the low quality of the content
  • Time on Site: if the visitor is staying long then it indicated that the content is interesting and relevant
  • Comments: If a visitor leaves comment then it is an indicator that effort for engaging are correct
  • Email-Open Rate: How much click through are achieved by the emails sent that are opened
  • Re-Conversions: If the information is downloaded or saved, it will indicate the success of lead nurturing efforts.

2.) Promotion:

Promotion plays a very vital role in any business. Here promotion relates to the promotion of the content on the social media and other related channels. The success of content is said to be 80% based on how it has been promoted. Promoting Content determine the channels that are driving the best volume of traffic for your brand, and where you need  to work. Measuring promotion in regular intervals can reveal whether the social media presence and SEO are trending in the right direction.content sharing

3.) Sharing:

Sharing Metrics indicates how well the content appeals to the prospects. If the content is shared more and more, it indicates that the information given is a winner when it comes to relevance of the message and so will be engaging. Further sharing of the information will bring positive results for the website.

4.) Lead Generation:

Generating the targeted lead is a tough job for any marketer. Achieving a high visitor-to-lead conversion rate with your content marketing campaigns indicates you’re writing topics that appeal. It also reveals that you’re successful at convincing the prospects. Lead generation is important, but it is very important to focus on the quality of the content for the same. This can be analyzed by

Checking on how much the visitors click on the CTA and completes the landing page form and download an offer.

Which channels among Google, LinkedIn, Email and other acts as best lead generation tool.

If contact engages in the content immediately before converting – Conversion Assists

5.) Sales:

Content-driven sales is something that speaks in itself about the authenticity and relevancy of the content that was developed for the offer. With the right content marketer can get the right knowledge of the buyer’s journey and understand the content campaigns that are creating customers by source. To understand  ROI of Inbound Marketing practices, marketers must “close sales process” and track website visitors throughout the buyer’s journey and must be able to design contents with topics that drive best results.

All these above-mentioned ways to nurture the visitors with the relevant content is of great value in the Inbound Marketing process. Through the engagement metrics, it can be well analysed how well the content has been designed and structured based on the buyers needs.

A smart content writer always keeps a balance between all the above ways for nurturing the leads to get the desired leads conversions on a regular basis.

Content has always played a vital role in winning the leads for the businesses. Content should always be designed in a way that it revolves around customers and target audiences in the broadest sense. Content can effectively be designed in any form:

  • Landing Page
  • Facebook Post
  • Tweets
  • Blogs
  • Case study
  • Brochure
  • Articles
  • Videos & Podcasts

To be successful in inbound marketing, businesses need to introduce a disciplined approach to content creation. Good content always helps in audience engagement, lead generation and achieving the desired conversion. Once the content will have the exact information that the visitors are looking for, it will always hit the right notes.

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