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Ways to use twitter ads for more publicity, lead and sales

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In the beginning when twitter released their advertising platform, there was enormous lack of functionality when it came to targeting ads towards a specific audience. But now Twitter has come a long way in terms of the reaching right audience. It also has many paid options that can help in gaining more exposure.
Below given are ways to create a high performance twitter ad campaign for your business.
Procure visibility with promoted tweets
The most commercial use of twitter advertising is to promote a specific message on twitter. When you search for a specific keyword on twitter, you’ll come across a promoted tweet at the top of the search results. It is a great way to a spread specific message about your product and services at the top of the potential customer’s twitter feed. It can also be used to boost authority in your industry by promoting engaging content created by your business. To promote a tweet, one needs to go to the twitter advertising section and sign in with your twitter username and password.

Develop followers with promoted accounts
The next thing that can be done with twitter advertising is grow your followers with promoted accounts. Promoted accounts can be seen in various areas of twitter, such as in the Who to Follow box that is present in the left hand sidebar. This is an excellent way to increase the targeted followers of your twitter account. Especially it helps those who are new to twitter or simply want to expand their audience. It has the same set up as it is for promoted tweets. But targeting options become limited to reaching users who are similar to a particular twitter user’s follower and reaching users with certain specific interest category.
You can also select a tweet that can visible on mobile devices. The tweet should be something that gives your potential customer a reason to follow you.

Increase lead through lead generation cards
It is the best addition to twitter advertising. These are tweets that allow businesses to gather names and emails of potential leads for business and email list subscribers directly on twitter. It works very easily by clicking on the cards.

Tips for advertising on twitter
• Aim your twitter ad precisely by using suitable biding amounts.
• Use UTM parameters for links that are shared in promoted tweets.
• Establish conversion tracking.

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