WBC Used Web Analytics To Gain 12.2% Increase In Conversion Rate

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Case Studies, Web Analytics

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WBC   About WBC :-

A Leading supplier of retail display and gift packaging for specialist food and drinks market across UK, London and Ireland , serving the nation since 1989. The company focused on designing  and manufacturing good quality packaging solutions . It helped the small and big retail brand to create an unique selling proposition that customer can recognize the brand identity with its branding and packaging solutions. WBC serves its customer requirement via an e-commerce website majorly and also operates from factory outlets across the nation.

WBC’s Business Objective :-

The customer across UK approach WBC via website, its main business generation tool , therefore, its major business objective is to promote its range of 850 products over the website in a best possible and attractive way. Now they have aggregated its business objectives in 2 parts :-

  1. They wanted to understand all the customer interactions over the website so that they can very well understand the areas of improvement and work over them to create better customer experience.
  2. They need a solid data analysis tool in place, therefore they implemented Google Analytics to analysis different matrix such as traffic locations, bounce rates, average time on web pages and especially conversion rates.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By WBC’s :-

WBC performed in-depth implementation audit, following which they hired a search engine marketing agency, Periscopix. The company justified their presence in performing operations such as :-

  • Tracking micro-conversions such as brochure download and on-site search tracking.
  • Applied advanced segments in analyzing the conversion rate for existing and new customers. They can easily conclude that the new customers experiencing tough time to locate the product they are looking for.
  • Decided to develop new homepage and run A/B test on the same.

Result Achieved By WBC :-

The company able to achieve quite realistic results out of the approach applied above are :-

1) New Homepage Created :-

  • Consultants designed a new homepage showcasing the product stocked and market presence (number of times same product sold) of respective product.
  • It showcase the most popular product at the center of the website.
  • It also optimize the right hand side to feature media adding a personal side to the business.

2) Run A/B test on new homepage for 3 months which resulted in 2.2% improvement in homepage engagement.

3) Most importantly, all this helped in achieving 12.2% higher conversion rate, a quite significant figure.

Learnings :-

The outlook of the big and small companies looks greener to the outside world, however, the strategic efforts actually drives the grass greener. In above business case, the partnered efforts made by WBC’s management, Google Analytics and Periscopix actually bring the success to the WBC’s business objective via medium of web analytics.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good effort Karun. I think Web Analytics is not a marketing tool. Rather, it is used to develop insights about performance of a campaign on any social media platform. Hence, it is expected that the titles of blogs must address that uniqueness of Web analytic.


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