Webinar: Content – True Maker Or Breaker Of Social Media Success

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Very informative webinar session with Sandhya Nanda on how to build content that enhances the engagement rate and how can it be used effectively to build your brand on social media.

Social media is today one of the top reasons why we are using the internet. Nearly billion users are present on the social media. This ocean of vast potential can best be tapped using great content to engage your audience. It doesn’t matter if your content is created professionally, what matters is that the users are interacting with it which tangibly benefits you and your end goals.

Some of the questions covered in the webinar are-

Q. What are the ways of positioning of brands which have a formal personality in order to increase engagement?

A. To this Sandhya replied, we have worked with 3-4 clients in our portfolio who are from the banking and financial sector. We have had this challenge of how to go about making content. Banks by nature appear serious or cut and dry. Taking the example of Yes Bank, communicating something as dry as the fact that we are offering a 7 per cent rate of interest and incorporating it in the content and making it interesting is something we have been able to do.

When we worked with Future Generali i.e. the insurance sector, talking about various aspects of safety, insurance, protection and doing it in a fun manner is possible if you work hard. It is easy to do because by nature of this sector the content is so engaging, but with the banking sector you need to work a little harder to bring in a fun element.

You can’t be drastically different from what the brand stands for in the offline space. Primarily because the customer faces disconnect if you are an X kind of personality on one platform and a Y kind of personality on another platform. You can’t be drastically different but attempt should be to keep it interesting.

Q. Does bringing in some kind of character or icon by the formal brands help in building informal connections with the customers?

A. Characters definitely will help but the only flip side to characters is that the brand needs to be really invested in that character. There is a lot of nurturing that is required. You need to build the character over a period of time and most brands I think do not have the patience to do that.

Icons have been built over a period of time. So, if you look at the Amul girl for example, she is a mascot that has been built over some 30-40 years consistently. She has been the only piece of communication and now has become so synonymous with the brand. So, one really needs to invest in the icon or mascot, only then I think it works.

Q. What kind of content makes brand recall strong?

A. There is no one formula which says that this is the kind of content that works. We just need to understand what the audience wants, the kind of language they understand and what you as a brand want to communicate, and then find the right marriage between the two. There is obviously no particular formula. You have to come up with the right formula for yourself by understanding what will work the best for your brand.

To check some more questions discussed during the session you can go on the following link:

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