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Webinar: Email in a Social World – How to leverage email to grow your business?

Webinar: Email in a Social World – How to leverage email to grow your business?

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Informative and an engaging Webinar from Sree Vijaykumar that discusses the methods through which email can be leveraged in a social world and how it can be utilized to grow your business. During his presentation, he highlighted that many people are under the belief that email is dead and they do not work anymore due to the evolution of social media. However, that’s entirely a misconception as he quoted that Social Networks are the ones that use emails the most for communicating any message.

Why do Social networks use emails?

Social Networks use emails to create engagement and re-engagement. A few examples were discussed showing the usage of social networks for emails. Quora as we all know is one of the best platforms to get real answers from people with first-hand experience and blog about what you know. If you have signed up on this social platform, you receive weekly emails regarding the top discussions on Quora. Similarly, LinkedIn sends re-engagement mail, where they congratulate people for the most viewed profiles. Here the interesting thing was that they sent 1 email for the top 1% and other email for top 5% and so on. And these kinds of emails also make one feel special.

Some of the questions that were covered during the Webinar were:

Q. You shared examples of various social networks and the way they are working to create engagement through emails and whatever opportunity they are getting to re-engage, they are using it to connect with their audience. As a business, most of us do not have a platform like Facebook, which is continuously capturing the behavior of the user. Therefore, it gets quite difficult to do behavioral targeting over the emails.

Now for a company like Digital Vidya or any other company that does not have a login system in place and where their users do not come to any of their property as active users. What suggestion would you like to offer for the kind of targeting that could possibly be done?

A. To this question Sree answered that capturing the email address should definitely be a starting point. This can be achieved by offering special incentives such as paper downloads or Free Webinars where you get the right to communicate with your audience. Once you have the email address, there are two methods through which you can segment your users. One is the customer lifecycle. If the customer has been with you for 6 months, you have some transactional data. You can use this data to build communications that can help you to upsell or expand more lifetime value from the customer. These are for the longer term sort of customers.

If it is a brand new customer, you will have to understand the behavior of the customer. You have to create data based on how are they transacting with you and the way they are interacting with your website. Whether they are spending good 20 minutes on your website and then not purchasing anything if you are an ecommerce company. Are they opening your emails, but not really clicking on them, which give you an understanding of editing the emails probably the creative or the format of the mail as these people are not really convinced and do not have a strong reason to engage with you. This helps you in creating multiple lists such as one list with the names of potential customers, another list that consists of warm leads and third list of existing customers. And then you try and move everyone around the marketing funnel. In fact you can also give your customers an option of free trail. First step is that they have to be aware that you exist and second step is they are beginning to use your services. Finally, you can convert them into a paid customer. So, for each of these stages, you can target communication differently.

Q. What kind of conversion rates you have seen for the email blast, opt-in emails, domain wise in your organization?

A. The way to look at is – the first step is to look at the open rate. For newsletter emails, it gives usually 10-20% of open rate. Third party marketing campaigns can also vary from 5-10% depending on how large the list is as the larger the list, you can have the delivery of the emails significantly going down. If we talk about click through rates in third party emails 10% is the considered to be a healthy click through rate. However, if you are using your own list, you should get at least double of these stats.

For more question about email open rates, reducing spam rates etc., you can view the recording below.