Webinar Recording: Growth Hacking in 2016 – How to Acquire Users at Low Price

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Growth Hacking, Webinars

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Are you looking for ways to make your business grow 10 times on a limited budget?

For several funded and bootstrapped companies, 2016 is one of the toughest years when it comes to fundraising.

Most of the small businesses miss out an important point. They only do marketing when sales are low. However, as soon as their revenue starts to grow, they minimize their marketing efforts which prevent them from moving forward. Therefore, it is essential for companies to develop some systematic and integrated marketing plan on a limited budget.

Understanding the need to uncover the process in order to identify new growth hacks and continuously implement to your marketing organization, Ravi Trivedi, Founder of PushEngage has taken up the webinar on ‘Growth hacking in 2016: How to acquire users at low price’. He will be sharing real growth hacks for acquiring users on a limited budget.

Following are the key takeaways from this highly informative webinar on ‘GROWTH HACKING IN 2016: HOW TO ACQUIRE USERS AT LOW PRICE‘:

1. Predicting search trends

By predicting search trends, you can identify several hacks. Thereby, create content that is ahead of its time. You can then run campaigns on Facebook and Google.

2. Engagement Hack

By implementing push notifications for browsers, you can increase the chances of growth rate.

3. Hacks to Drive Free Traffic

14 hacks to Drive Free Traffic discussed in the webinar are:

  1. Post on Slideshare, Visual.ly, YouTube
  2. Guest Blog
  3. Answer questions on Quora
  4. Comment Marketing
  5. Trend on Hacker news or Reddit
  6. Press Coverage
  7. Start a meetup / facebook group
  8. Post on Craigslist, Olx
  9. Webinars
  10. Whitepapers for downloads
  11. Twitter
  12. Piggyback on large events
  13. Powered by in SAAS company
  14. Seed key influencers

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