Webinar: How SEM Will Fit In Your Organization’s Marketing Strategy

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Interesting webinar session was conducted with Himanshu Arora on how to plan a marketing strategy for online space and how to leverage on SEM and what areas does one need to concentrate on SEM leveraging Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Some of the questions covered in webinar are:

Q. As an organisation, what should be the approach to implement an integrated marketing strategy?

A. To this Himanshu replied this is a very common problem which people are facing these days. The reason is that whenever you approach any agency to outsource this, they try to build conversation in such a way that they only try to bring forward their positives. For instance, if a company is strong at SEM or PPC, they will say that it is the best way. So as customers what we need to do is to communicate to the outsourcing agency what you are exactly looking for. You need to first figure out your goals internally and then dictate to the agency. So, communicate your objectives well and try to talk to multiple agencies to get a complete idea.

Q. Is there a difference between Google display network and PPC?

A. Yes, there is a difference between PPC and network display. PPC is a pay per click and display network is the network where you are charged on the impression that is CPM. On PPC, whatever you click, if it is a million impressions, you will not be charged if you are on a search network i.e. PPC. And as soon as you get a click you will be charged.

When you are on a display network, Google will charge you on a CPM basis. So, whenever your display is coming on a web page, you will be charged for it.

To check out some more questions discussed in the session, you can go to the following link:

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