Webinar: Opportunities And Potential In Mobile Media

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Interesting and Informative Webinar session by Moneka Khurana on the benefits of Mobile Media and how marketers can leverage it to engage their prospects and customers.

Mobile is no longer something that you can afford to ignore. As the customer’s adoption of mobile grows, marketers need to find methods through which they can leverage mobile marketing tools to optimize their experience, no matter what device they are on. This webinar was an all eye opener for marketers to know how potent, cost effective and targeted a platform like mobile media can be for the marketers.

Some of the questions that were covered during the session are:

Q. In your experience, working with various brands, is there a particular segment that is investing more on the mobile space?

A. To this question Moneka answered, the way it is divided is that there is a category called direct advertisers on mobile, which essentially comprises of the mobile operators themselves who spend really big on the mobile medium. Then there is the OEM category, which is your handset category, which again spends in a very substantial way on the mobile platform. And then there is another category of mobile content providers for whom it is about right time, right place, right user where they know that this consumer is browsing games and if I had to promote my games, I could kind of sell it to him. So these mobile content providers are again the people that rely on the mobile medium in a big way to target and reach out their consumers, which is the primary user base.

There is another category, which is not really mobile dependent but spends heavily and comprises of the automobiles that spends huge amount of money on mobile media and then there are the service providers who offer various kind of services to consumers again to leverage mobile media in a big way. So these are the two categories.

Q. Sometimes, advertisements are quite annoying on the mobile screen. How should the companies handle the same by ensuring that they reach to customers effectively?      

A. There are guidelines which are not very formal and statutory in nature, but they are pretty much of a few clear guidelines, which almost all the publishers are following. They are various pre-roll advertisements, but at the same time, it also gives you an option to skip the ads after a certain number of seconds. This way you are not forced to watch the entire ad and have the option of skipping the ad after 5 or 6 seconds. So, one guideline is that you can skip the advertisement after a certain stage.

The second guideline is that there is a very exceptive phenomena for all mobile content providers and on the other hand for those who actively download content. For them Advertisements are okay till the time you want to view the free content after it. So if they are downloading free content or if mobile content providers are making available free content, then there is an acceptance of the fact that it will come with Ads. But the moment you are paying for the content or if it is a premium content, you will automatically see less ads or no ads at all.

You can view the recording below to check some other questions discussed during the session:

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