Webinar Presentation: The Social Enterprise Of 2014

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How does Digital Marketing influence Social Enterprise of 2014? Puzzled? Want to get an understanding on this? So, here is the webinar slides which was conducted on the same by Mr. Bhupendra Khanal, CEO, Simplify360.

In this session it was discussed as to How to build a brand using Social Media? Is Social Media really a part of Digital Media or it has altogether a different role in Marcom space. How to develop a web dominance strategy using Social Media? How much is a good spend on Social Media? What are the KPI’s of a social enterprise and how to measure ROI on a regular basis?

The discussion finally followed up with the intriguing questions from the audience.

Q&A During Webinar With Bhupendra Khanal

Q- There are various listening tools available in the market. How to decide which listeningtool is right for a particular organisation? Can you share a broad guideline?

A-  The most important thing is to identify your end goal. There are many listening platforms with each having specific strong focus areas like social media listening platforms, analytics platform like profile analytics, engagement platforms, social ad management, CRM Integration. Every brand has to identify its objective. Suppose a new brand in the social media space has to build a community, engage with people so the brand will require a platform which is strong in profile analytics and publishing. As the brand grows and people start talking then you would require a platform for listening as well. Another important aspect of choosing a platform is does it have local support like local team in the geographic area, local data, local language. If the tool doesn’t cover these aspects then it is useless to you. When it comes to listening tools companies can have different objectives like Customer Service, Market Research and building Market Intelligence or engaging with customer for ORM activity. You should decide your objectives, make a list of what you want to achieve and that platform which satisfies maximum of your answers is the right platform for you.

Q- How to build towers for a business or a brand? Can you give some examples.

A-  Coca-Cola always had one Facebook page. That is their strength. They never had country-specific page. It was most followed page with high engagement. Another example is Canadian based company which concentrated on creating good content via blogs. Another example is Brandwatch who produce amazing videos. Whatever you search about social media on YouTube Brandwatch just pops up. Before you start building your social media strategy concentrate on building a pillar. Once it is done move on to another pillar. You have options of blog, YouTube, SEO, Facebook, Twitter etc. Think of two or three pillars amongst these and amazingly use as your power centres and then use others to support the first.

Q-  When it comes to Social Media do you really drag in terms of conversions you are getting on these channels or the traffic that you are able to generate on your website and if you do if someone is starting a new campaign on social media should they keep that as an ROI metric. Your views.

A-  These metrics actually help marketing managers to become very focused. They become thinkers. They know where they are failing or where they are doing good and it becomes a business-driven organisation.

Q- If you have Rs.100/- how much of that will you spend on Social media vis a vis Conventional Media.

A-  If I have just Rs. 100/- I will spend the entire amount on Social Media. Coffee Day did the same before it became a 5000 crore company. Typically in the industry people spend 25% on digital and 25% on social media. You should first decide what are your business goals. With that 100Rs what you want to achieve. If you are in a tight situation and you need 2 business leads instantly then Social Media may not be the right way in terms of campaigning. If you have few leads and if you have a web dominance strategy then you have to give at least 30 -40% of digital budget to social media to create a full impact.

Q- How to convince companies to spend money on Social Media? What approach should one take with people of old mind-set who believe Social Media does not help.

A- Fear and Passion are two great things. If you can prove that if he is not in Social Media he is doomed. You can talk about the problems of not being on Social Media. You can say competition is already on Social Media and they are already making it big. You can also talk about real life Case studies e.g Tata Docomo who was on social media creating stories. People were talking about it and ultimately Tata Docomo  was all over whereas the competitor brand wasn’t there to counter. Tata Docomo had the followers. You can also ask them where their family members including grandchildren spend time. Most kids spend time on Social Media and very less watching television. Then they understand the importance of Social Media. We should give real life examples to educate people.

Q- How can you compare Social Media ads to google ads? Which one should you go for and how to decide if it will be good?

A-  It all depends on what you want to achieve. In terms of targeting, Facebook is as good as Google or may be better because it has all the personal profile. If you are a big brand like Cadbury and you have to launch a campaign I would not recommend just social ads. If you don’t have a clear profile of customer in mind then google is a better option. E.g if you want to target anyone who is looking for social media listening tools then google is a good option as your ad will pop up. If I have a content strategy and want people to attend a particular event in India then I will turn to Facebook targeting a particular profile. Best scenario is create a test case, run it for sometime, analyse the impact and then keep doing it.

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