Webinar Recording Of 3 Steps To Develop An Online Marketing Plan In 1 Hour

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Developing an online marketing plan is one of the crucial things for marketers. It is therefore, very important for a marketer to develop online marketing plan very efficiently. Wish to learn how to develop it in 1 hour with 3 simple steps? Have a look on below webinar led by Ravi Trivedi, Founder, Srijan Capital.

Q & A During Webinar With Ravi Trivedi

Q- What can you do to have more visitors to visit a Bollywood content portal?

A- If you have a Bollywood content portal, then content portals usually write to generate traffic through two means.  One is organic traffic which is related to the search. While, the second is related to direct traffic which is more about branding of the site. Thus, eventually it is about the quality of content and as long as you have good content, you rank high in SEO. You can also use tools like Facebook and Scoopwhoop and get some virality.

 Q- What are the activities which can reduce the bounce rate?

A- Activities that can reduce the bounce rate are correct and improve your messaging and as long as you can get the targeted traffic on your website and your messaging is right, the bounce rate will go down. Other thing to keep in mind which is technical is the speed of the load time of your website, as it is a big driver. If your site (especially, your consumer oriented site) cannot load in less than 3 seconds then you need to go back and check. 80% of the sites will load in more than 5 seconds, so try to get it done in less than 3 seconds to reduce the bounce rate.

Q- What is the approach to target CTO’s CRO’s of SME’s in US?

A- The approach will be through some kind of email database or doing something that Digital Vidya is doing which is conducting a webinar which will attract the right audience. So, it is essential to find out what is valuable to them, do a webinar, give them free content and these are the most valuable lead generating approaches.

Q- Are the contests on social media still relevant for new user acquisition?

A- Absolutely yes, the contents on social media are still relevant for new user acquisition. But, it is not sure whether it will lead into revenue for you. This is so because, there is this set of contest that run on Facebook or Twitter that are there only to crack the contest and at times they may not be the target audience but it definitely helps to spread the message.

Q- Does Email marketing actually works? Any pointers we need to create to make people read the email?

A-  Email marketing does work if it is targeted and reaching the right people with the right messaging with the right subject line and if you are not spamming them too much then it absolutely works. Here is an example of email marketing relevance: Let’s say it is your birthday and State Bank of India sends you Happy Birthday mail, then you feel happy about it as that would be a personalized message.  So, the email should be tied together with the event of your life that will lead to conversion.

Q- Is responsive website better than an app?

A- Most people are doing both. For ecommerce websites like Flipkart, the website is responsive and they also have an app. But the point is that a responsive site can be opened on mobile without any issues which is good, but to have people engage more it is better to have an app. So, to start off, people would want to make the site responsive and then opt for an app.

Q- Any good tools for email marketing?

A- There are several useful email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Mad Mimi that help to send the messages via emailers.

Q- Does it make a sense at all to do an app before you have a big online database?

A- It depends, if you think your app experience is huge then may be but lot of people do responsive designing.

Q- How to generate leads for real estate?

A- There are 2-3 tactics which work well. One of them being geo-specific Adwords targeting. Besides this, there is affiliates as well as email databases. Moreover, there is Facebook that really works well. However, it depends upon the segment in which you are operating.

Q- How do we utilize Digital Marketing for lead generation in B2B in banking and IT sector?

A- Usually, webinars and white papers work to generate lead. However, the content is important to show that you are the authority. First of all, you need to build credibility in B2B space and that can happen from quality content. So, use that to drive some lead generation. Apart from that the other lead generation that happens in IT space is through seminars as well as through email databases.

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