Webinar Recording: Content Marketing in 2016 – Creating and Amplifying “10x Content”

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The concept of 10x content was explained perfectly by industry expert Rohit Uttamchandani, Senior Manager, Social Beat during the webinar Content Marketing in 2016 – Creating and Amplifying “10x Content” led for the community.

Rohit stated the true meaning of 10x content as creating the content which is 10 times better than any content other content that already has web presence. He even shared certain tips to create 10x content with the attendees. Rohit also shared with the community that the earned media takes longer time but has more sustained impact. His observation depicts that the Indian youth feels that they are being bombarded with ads & inbound marketing techniques, though content works better.

Thus, for effective Content Marketing in 2016, it is important to promote & distribute the content. Moreover, not only promoting and distributing content is sufficient, it is how effectively the two processes are done. During the webinar, Rohit shared a couple of case studies on tools Buzzsumo & Moz stating that 1 million articles were analysed to research the results of what content types get shared most.

He also shared certain strategies that can be used to enhance the Content Marketing activities in 2016 so as to create and amplify 10x content. These are shared in the form of key takeaways as follows:

  1. Read your audience’s mind – finding questions of audience
  2. Find existing content pieces  for good ranking
  3. Making content better than any other top content out there, i.e. staying up to date
  4. Making the content lengthy, i.e. with over 2000 words for Search Engine Ranking

Q&A during Webinar with Rohit Uttamchandani

Q- How can one determine how much time does the content take to load on the page depending upon the place and device?

Rohit: You can test this with an internet connection with many tools available to test how fast the page is loading. There are Google PHP insights, pingdom and webpage speed test. Choose the location and you can check how fast the page is loading. It is different for different connections. You need to optimize it according to the internet connection.

Q- How do you check ranks for a page?

Rohit: One way is to plug it in Google search and check. In paid rank checker, there is Moz.com and in free ones, there are tools like Pro rank tracker which can be used by plugging in content and keywords. Another way is you can simply Google it and it will show if you are in the top 100 ranking or not.

Q- Is there any other opportunity to explore other than back linking for content?

Rohit: When it comes to search rankings, it has a lot to do with social shares. But back linking is critical since it is a key factor in Google algorithm. There is a strong correlation between high search rankings and back links. When you create 10X content, your content will automatically be back linked. A lot of strategies can get you back links like linking your post with similar posts, posting on Quora, or  through social shareability.

Q- How can we differentiate content for TV, print and social media promotion?

Rohit: For multi-channel purpose, create content for each channel you want and not just digital marketing strategies. Create content ideas that will suit both traditional and digital strategies. Strategies will be different for different platforms like TV, radio, newspaper, social media platforms.

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