Webinar Recording: Email Marketing Is Not Spamming- It Is An ROI Generator

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Email Marketing, Webinars

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Did you know email marketing is not dead? In fact, it is more than alive now! Direct Marketing Association reports, for every $1 spent on advertising, the Return on Investment is approximate $43 which can go up to $70 if implied carefully.

Email Marketing facts you should know

  • According to TopRank Blog, 64% of the decision-makers read their email via mobile phones.
  • Direct Marketing Association states that 66% of the consumers have made an online purchase because of an email marketing message.
  • As per eConsultancy, 39% of the marketers have no strategy for mobile email.
  • Mailigen reported 89% of the marketers use email as a primary channel for lead generation.

If an average person checks their email 15 times in a day, then leveraging email for marketing purpose should be on your priority list!

This is the reason, a detailed webinar on this less-explored topic was taken up by Deepesh Sharma who looks after the Digital Strategies & Digital Marketing for Digital Vidya.

Following are the key takeaways from this super-informative webinar on ‘Email Marketing Is Not Spamming: It Is An ROI Generator’:

  1. What are the opportunities in email marketing for the marketers?
  2. The facts about email marketing.
  3. What are the areas for analysis to work upon and multiply your ROI 2 times easily?
  4. What are the tools for Emailing? An overview on how you can choose the best tool which fits your requirements and needs.
  5. Delivering the emails in the inbox and not getting in the spam box.
  6. Tips for effective email marketing.
  7. Ways of checking email deliverability and reputation of IP and domain.

Wish to learn more about Email Marketing opportunities? Explore the Email Marketing Campaign tips to get high ROI.

Did you feel this digital marketing webinar was helpful? You can develop a deeper understanding of different domains of Digital Marketing by clicking here. Get to know about the upcoming webinars and gain knowledge from the past webinar recording as well.

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