Webinar Recording: How To Run A Zero Budget Campaign On Social Media

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Feeling amazed to know that a zero budget campaign can also be fruitful for the company on Social Media? Grab complete understanding on how one can run such a zero budget campaign and get fruitful results out of it through below Webinar led by Mr. Prateek Shah, Founder, Green Smyles.

Q&A During Webinar With Prateek Shah

Q- When you talk about zero budget, is it realistic to think about increasing your likes to some significant number through zero budget marketing? Have you seen that example anywhere? And what are the various ways once tweet is adopted to make sure you get likes at zero cost, without spending anything on ads?

A- I am sure you invite everybody through email lists or leads to personal contacts be a part of a page, it might look quiet cheap but what I mean is, it is okay to begin with. But after a point other than this if you are not too funny or too engaging in something like a breaking news it’s not easy to reach out to many people to visit you , especially on the Facebook page. But now Facebook want you to shell out more and more money for participating in everything. It is not really easy to reach out too many people with zero budget but yes there are campaigns where the very limited budget or likely zero budget they have been able to reach out to right kind of audience, because at the end it’s not about getting a million people online on a page but it’s all about getting the right number of people. Like sheepstop doesn’t have too many people on their page and there is a different way to look at. Sheepstop probably has around 3000 likes on their page but still you see it has been able to reach out to the right kind of people they have online, so we see every like is not of equal value. I have seen businesses reaching to half billion, million and they claim that they haven’t spent even a single rupee. The maximum that I have seen the people have achieved would again have to be faking news and if you talk about the India specific space or if you look at rest and if you look at oatmeal that a guy, one person runs so it is possible, it’s is possible for things to grow but what matters is that for a business if you are selling some serious products, I don’t know how bigger community that you can create without spending any money. It’s a good idea definitely having a part of marketing budgets specified for social media, invest that money organizing it in different platform and then see the results.

Q- Can you share something about real business using this( zero budget campaign) in terms of number?

A- I think the unfortunate problem with businesses in achieving result is that you usually try to keep it all you can see on all websites. So it’s really difficult to measure how a social media campaign build company see its results, so I think best we can judge is that keep their branding and visibility and engagement is going online. It’s a good idea to sale a campaign and working for them.

Q- How do you use the sale marketing media for Facebook?

A- I think since Facebook is not that open and you can’t reach out to anybody, you are not really present to look like. It’s not a best idea to adopt the same strategy on Facebook, in-fact if you’d have carefully noticed most of the slides and most of the case studies in this presentation you just saw, didn’t have any Facebook example because nobody talk about Facebook. You almost necessarily have to start thinking about spending some money. Why all these other portals exist is so that you can use zero budget campaign and make them work for you. What we can actually do is we can use 24 hours loot examples on Facebook where you can actually start offering your products for free and ask every week, tell people like ways coming from shared based. It sounds like a cheap tactic but it works for lot of people. You ask people to enter a contest and give them your own stuff for which word spread about quality so that happened on Facebook and help your word spread.

Q- Target based reach, suppose you want to reach out to a particular target of audience outside your friend circle on social media, how should one approach doing that?

A- There are multiple ways to look at it, one is naturally Facebook advertising if you are coming across Facebook, look at data and number of people you are targeting e.g. Age group, and giving the time of Smartphone by use of related things but that again it requires a bit of a budget so why can’t you do that. If you are B2C company you necessarily need to do some bit, spend some money there but let’s look at what else you can. Let’s say you are somebody who is selling apple accessories maybe somebody selling apple covers or something fancy to do with gadgets, if you just go to twitter and you just search for people who are tweeting about Samsung or tweeting about I-phone and just reply to them as sheepstop did, so that is the targeted approach in a way. You would want to reach out to more and more people but that it is the kind of approach which helps you to reach out to the right kind of audience, and then you connect with these people on regular basis.

Q- In HR consulting the recruitment part is B2B kind of work, so how can we target our prospective clients? Can you just share more likes on B2B business’s campaign and leverage social media once again?

A- Once again lets go back to look at the concept of adding people from different industries, different geographies and different functions and then reaching out to relevant people. So for example if you are a B2B company wanting to increase your business or wanting to reach out to the right people or HR consultancy wanting to get more companies you simply need to look for, target HR heads of different companies on LinkedIn and send out the request to all of them and see how they respond and in your message you can clearly state that the residency from who wants to get attached with you and want to just come over for a casual meeting and may just see how these people respond, you know I’ll tell you how and why LinkedIn works at times email doesn’t. When you send someone a message on LinkedIn it doesn’t happen every day that you get a message on LinkedIn. Say for every 20 emails that you get in a day you probably get one message on LinkedIn, if you are that social person. If you reach out to someone on LinkedIn like that it really makes them feel important and it really makes them feel that you have taken all that effort to find them on LinkedIn and reach out to them. I showed you how LinkedIn helped me to get an article in a magazine, similarly if you reach out to the relevant people in your industry on LinkedIn, it will result in something great and the problem that you always make in social media or in business is that we want result instantaneously. If we add people today, if we send message today we want the result to happen today. It usually takes anywhere between a day to 2 years for things to happen as a result of what we do. So the good part is once you added people on LinkedIn they are there in your network as a function of what you do can actually send out messages. If you have written a great blog post why don’t you share it on network, just tell them you are doing interesting thing why don’t you just check it out and that’s how credibility grows in the industry and that how you eventually will definitely end up getting.

LinkedIn is a slow network as compared to Facebook, the number of people logging in is about 50% of number of people login in to Facebook, but the quality and the kind of response you get if you have the patience is phenomenally good and if you keep sharing your accomplishment and keep engaging that audience over there, over a period of time you see that however you want to position your business or yourself just keep getting reinforce and sometime you see that value coming down okay.

Q- I do not have any product that can be discounted or not available for free. Any idea how best can I promote myself?

A- The case just contributes discount on products and offer them free and you just confirm IT company, i am assuming it’s a B2B tech product or some kind of online tech management product. So, now you see what happens is that especially you can’t really expect to sell to a B2B audience through Facebook without spending any money on the advertisement. So what you ideally need to do in this case is create some very strong content at the backup in any of the forms like a blog or SlideShare PPT and once that backup is created you can upload it on your company blog , your company website and secondly you post it on LinkedIn profile, the company profile and you send to the sales people who are part of the LinkedIn network. You ask them to build a network of potential customers and send it out along with a word about how and where they can buy this product online or for a meeting. So in this case you managed to not give any discounts but reach out to the people through LinkedIn messages and by creating a strong backhand in terms of a slide or a PPT, which people can refer to when they want to know more about the product or buy themselves.

Q- What according to you is more important: CTR(click through rate) or lead generated from a campaign?

A-  I think its lead generation which is more important for any campaign eventually. If you are choosing an ad model which is CPC , purely from the media spent point of view the cost which you will be underpaying, CTR is a parameter which is more important but this purely depends on the amount that you are spending to generate a given set of leads. So more the CTR you end up paying less for the CTC, although it doesn’t imply a higher ROI. The leads you generate out are much more important for ROI. So that lead is all the campaigns running on the social media needs to be integrated with you CRM and infact you need to track quality of leads and revenue you are generating from it.

Q- Which social media is more preferred to reach parents with kids?

A- Depends on what things their kids are following. I would like to quickly show you that somebody had to make, because its not easy to reach out to kids through Facebook, so the company is doing that they created their own school student network in India and it has somewhere close to 7000 members. Now since children below 13 years of age are not allowed to be on Facebook, the question is how do you reach out to them? It is specifically done by the company which reaches out to schools and it is easy for them otherwise I think this had to go with the audience that are above 13 and you have to go for Facebook. Now when we are looking to reach out the parents of these kids I would again have to say Facebook is easy to target your audience in terms of who are parents and have a kid in certain age group.

Q- How can we import contacts from Facebook if you have a Gmail account?

A- There is no direct way to download database from Facebook otherwise you all will be having a very good time by just downloading our page contacts. what can ideally be done is you want them to opt in for a certain mail list and if you want them to buy a product, then Facebook offers a lot of simple options which allow you to advertise by targeting people who are already fans of your page. So let’s say if you started offering a new product and if you want even for them to just a part of email mailers, you start an ad campaign asking these people (you fans) on the Facebook page, to come check out your website and register there. and I don’t think Facebook will ever be interested in allowing you to download contacts. Yes, at the end of the day you can start some applications and then you can get people to enter all their details and then therefore you get all that data. But in my very personal opinion, I think even applications are good as then everybody can end up also using you application.

Just to add my views, Facebook is primarily a tool to reach out. If you have x number of fans , you can either reach out to them directly through community engaging or what you can do is sponsored post and personally reach them and their friends also. Now the point is that the message that you communicate with this type is what could be the effectiveness of it or saying if you could create a strong enough engagement or a full participant from the post click on it and come to your website filling a form so that they can become an engagement, the can become opt-in customers, then your job is done. So, here the key thing is to create that strong enough factor or engagement, like internally at Digital Vidya we are trying out these webinars as one of the way where we can get people from Facebook to your opt- in database. Worldwide there are 100s of magnets that companies have tried from games to steams etc. So, you need to figure out and see what will work for your target audience.

Q- How can i increase traffic on the website? Can social media be effectively used to generate traffic?

A- Naturally the entire online marketing campaign beginning from the website to SEO to SMO to every other different including PPC ad and anything else is to increase to traffic to your website, on your social media. You really have to understand social media is a marketing platform it’s a marketing medium it’s not an entire campaign. Eventually the idea of this campaign is to make more traffic go to your website and check what you are doing and why things from buy online. So I think what need to be done is that you just need to be there everywhere that’s probably noticed in the just for hearts in the very beginning that by being available at all places. It’s natural that this is the chance to reach out more people. I am saying endorsing content that people would like to see and like to share it happens the probably increases and thirdly by using the same keywords and key phrases across the campaign everywhere. There is an increased chance of people co-relating what will be doing on different platforms, what they are doing as a company function. So all these things come together eventually especially when starting their website depending in what kind of work you are doing there may be different strategy.

Q- When likes are not increasing and someone wants some tips on how to increase genuine likes? Can you share wants some tips on how to try to reach in that light that will be good for all of us?

A-  Most important thing for people is just learn and understand in social media likes are like paradox, the number of likes matter yet they don’t really matter. So let’s say for instance if you are trying to impress somebody with what kind of company you build on more kind of people, for you it’s a good idea to have some likes ranging from thousand to ten thousand. It’s a good idea to have that and you can do that by either forcing everybody and making them like your page or by just doing some advertising and making people like your page but at the same time let’s say you have lakh people on your page and none of these people are relevant to what you are doing so how good the likes are doesn’t matter, they are actually as good as nothing. It all comes out to nothing. How to get right kind of likes or how to get right people to like your page, our interest should be into right kind of people coming to or website and know about us than just liking our page which is in any case a good thing to but our objective main objective should be that. Now on Facebook the right kind of people will find it through the right kind of postings and then search and find you or the intelligent thing that we have to do is, if you are in an organization which is serious about doing business and if you are selling out X amount of salary to different people and incurring Y amount of expenses on electricity, please have a Z budget for online marketing and that Z budget could be very small to begin which could be great. Whatever you wanted to be but you need to invest money in advertising. I mean actually I think big problem with people have is that Facebook will cost them a bombshell to advertise on, probably people gets there by CPC bits that Facebook is showing them that it will cost them around 50 rupees, 100 rupees to get a like or click on their page but it is not so the case you can easily get somebody to take on your ad for anywhere low as 2-3 rupees to anywhere as high as 100 to 200 bucks depending on circumstances. But even if you have to spend 50 rupees on getting a relevant like and you end up getting 100 likes by the end of year of whack even 5 people get 100 customers I think it’s very important just to advertise and Infact its zero budget campaign that you are talking about here but fine it also mention zero or low budget so I mean let’s spend something, if you are spending lot of time effort and creative content and other resources and not spending any money then your campaign is also not going to become like this, so that’s the take on increasing genuine likes.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Its good to listen but how far such effectiveness will sustain? Definitely biological reach is satisfactory but we cannot ignore the scope of ‘boosting’ in Facebook.

  2. Digital Vidya Editorial Team

    Sure Indrajit. Organic reach is not sufficient; paid including Ads are one of the mediums to inorganically scale. The only way build scale through organic medium is to create enormous amount of high volume, high quality content, which only few organizations have been able to achieve.


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