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With the ever-increasing use of digital marketing media for not only marketing perspective but also for brand building, a lot of companies from different industrial domains are leveraging upon this medium. Being a dynamic nature of marketing, digital is that era that needs a lot of knowledge and expertise to work on, especially for the newbies in this field.

so, to acquaint the participants with the knowledge of how to leverage upon digital marketing domain from brand building perspective, industry expert and influencer Vivek Bhargava, CEO, iProspect Communicate 2 led a webinar for Digital Vidya’s community.

Q & A with Vivek Bhargava

Q- Internal selling has always been an issue. What are your tips on how one should address internal selling? When should they get involved as a digital partner? What are the steps or measures that can be taken? How to set up a digital DNA?

A- In the last 5 years everything has changed completely. I have met more CEO’s of companies in the last one year as compared to previous 3 years of my digital career. So, I think the medium has now become acute enough in digital to promote the companies that are very much interested in digital. It is very important to prepare a structured content, which a senior CEO like say about 55 years old can understand the niche properly because he/she has grown up in this field. It is important to involve them in every thought process. It is undoubtedly difficult, but once you are through with the concept it becomes achievable.

2. Can you please elaborate on How much importance should a mid-size IT services company give to building a brand through digital? What should be the perfect approach? By Rakesh Jethani, one of the participants.

We have been handling TCS from past 4 years. TCS takes digital very seriously. Digital allows to pick the accurate target set and maximises efficiencies. If you are a part of an IT company, brand building plays a vital role. Brand building is only possible with digital marketing process. Let’s say if you are a mid-size digital marketing company, what you try to do with webinars is build networks and build our brand by providing relevant information on the major topics that are to be covered. 

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