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Are you in quest of marketing techniques that go viral and are looking for the apt way(s)to do it? The concept of viral marketing, especially viral video marketing shall surely turn out to be in your favour! Wish to know how? Gain insights from the eminent and influential industry leader: Aashish Chopra, Head – Content Marketing at ixigo.com through the webinar conducted for Digital Vidya’s participants.

Q & A During Webinar With Aashish Chopra

Q- How do you categorize a video, as a viral video?

A- The benchmark for viral differs company to company, based on the reach, decent number of views, industrial blogs, storypick etc. There is no universal predefined or fixed value (in means of number of shares or views of the particular video) to determine or declare the video viral, but for me it’s the Fancy idea, which I was nurturing for a long time & it reaches a million views, it’s a viral, my video with 1st million views is viral, when it got the 7 million views, it was the bigger viral. But again the benchmark for viral differs from company to company and for B2B, the numbers are entirely dependent upon the targeted audience.

Q- How can digital marketing aid in video go viral?

A-  Half the battle is making something worthy of sharing, making it compelling enough for the people to watch it, talk about it, share it. But the other half of the battle in digital marketing is ‘distribution’. So it’s to select an effective distribution channel to share our videos, which get a lot of engagement and sharing among the people & for this we need digital marketing. So the role of digital marketing in this to me is for distribution of it.

Q- What all the option Meta attribution you focus on the video, which you got viral in beginning?

A- YouTube is known place to make videos on & for that we use thumbnails, title, description, keywords, so that people find it in search. So I tried lot of Meta & traditional SEO approach, it works but that doesn’t really help in making any video go viral in the beginning. So when we launch the video on YouTube we don’t get much attraction, but when we do on the Facebook, we get 50 thousand views in a day. So the content that goes with the video on Facebook is more about Call to Action, as people start engaging and talking about it & the Meta we put on the video in YouTube will help us in long run & because of the popularity of video from Facebook, people will easily find it in top positions of search results on YouTube.

Q- Did you use Re-Marketing for your videos to bring back those users?

A- We haven’t used Re-Marketing for our videos yet & Re-Marketing is a different phenomenon but for videos, we’re not bringing people back to the videos because if they left, they left. Some of the videos work some of the other don’t.

Q- If I need to spend anything to make it viral, how much?

A- Honestly, it starts from an idea and an idea could be free written on a paper napkin or could be of thousands or millions. So, spending should be come up with original & creative ideas, identify problems & if you feel you should spend to deal with these stuff do it, so it largely depends upon creativity. But spending in Distribution in boosting really helps after it has reached its organic peak.

Q- What are the initial steps of publication to make a video viral?

A- Some of the quick steps of making a video viral:

  • Write a Script
  • Define a Shot
  • Shoot it
  • Edit it
  • Review it couple of times (& when the video is ready) Launch it on Facebook & YouTube
  • On YouTube put on the Title, Description, Meta tags etc.
  • On Facebook there is Thumbnails, Wall Copy etc.
  • Share on Whatsapp & other social networks & after all these you can spend some marketing dollars to boost it on the Facebook.
Q- Is there any tool to measure Whatsapp share?

A-  I wish there was some tool or analytics to measure this on  WhatApp, but we don’t. But in near future, we could have this because Facebook wants to monetise perhaps Whatsapp and without data marketing it won’t be jumping on the board.

Q- How do you deal with permissions to shoot & legal liability, privacy etc.?

A-  If you’re doing something creative, the cost and legal permissions come into play but there is always a creative way to solve such problems. For example: If you shoot on Delhi Metro Station, it costs 1 lakh for an hour. So if you can videos perhaps within the confines of your office or a studio & you can use music which is licensed, or change the background etc.

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