Webinar Recording Of Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups And Small Medium Businesses

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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Every month, 150 start-ups enter the Indian market and with the growing initiatives and digitalization, the frequency is bound to rise in the coming months. No doubt, the level of competition will increase and you will have to fight for survival and getting recognition among the masses. For creating a buzz among people, you need to build your brand, attract potential audience, and manage your established brand. There are many practical steps for strategizing and implementing Digital marketing campaigns that could be used for start-ups and small medium businesses. The core techniques and tools that enable quick goto market strategies were enlightened upon by Mr. Mohit Maheshwari, CEO of New Media Guru in the webinar in a detailed manner. For your clear understanding, Mr. Mohit who has an experience of more than 13 years in Internet industry has explained the concepts with examples and case studies.

Listed below are key takeaways from the Webinar which will enable you to practically apply the learnings on digital marketing strategies:

  1. The techniques in which you can build and grow your website.
  2. How can SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay per click, video marketing, blog Marketing and blogger outreach campaigns and Digital PR can help you attract traffic to your website.
  3. Learn more than 25 practical strategies for Digital Marketing for start-ups and SMBs.
  4. The ways in which you can track and maintain the online reputation you have so far created.
  5. Gain insights from a list of 100 plus tools and resources for Digital Marketing.

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  1. Wousublat

    Soooo cool! I woke up and later in the day I started thinking about this stuff. I found your site on Google and it totally answered my questions. Thanks mucho much!

    • Sakshi Behl

      Glad, this post answered your queries! 🙂


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