Webinar Recording Of Digital Strategy for Startups & SMEs to take on Marketing Goliaths

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Budget plays a vital role in creating effective digital marketing techniques. Though, we all know big brands spend oodles of money in creating and implementing their high-scale digital marketing strategies, it becomes really difficult for small scale businesses to achieve more by spending comparatively less than the marketing goliath. But, there are various ways through which a startup and SMEs can win the game by investing their shoestring budget.

Bhaskar Thakur, leading entrepreneur, and a growth hacker conducts a webinar on Digital Strategy for Startups & SMEs to take on Marketing Goliaths. He is currently working as the Chief Growth Officer for Autowale.in. In the webinar, he has introduced what growth hacking is all about, and how it is beneficial for all the small scale organizations to take on Marketing Goliaths. He has backed 15 years of experience in the field of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Search Optimization, Social Media Evangelism.

He is one of the main trainers and webinar leaders at Digital Vidya,  CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad, The Power of Ideas and blogs at www.BhaskarThakur.com. He has shared his personal experience and thoughts in the webinar, which made the session not just informative but engaging & interesting for all the participants and attendees of the webinar.

Q&A During Webinar With Bhaskar Thakur

What percentage of budget should I allocate to media in Initial days?

Bhaskar: Most of the startups don’t have budget in the beginning. So, its better to look at time instead of money. We have to look out for talents who create the cool widgets and apps and keep our budget for iterations.

Size of the team doesn’t matter at the start, right?

Bhaskar: For a start-up, the team size doesn’t matter. And the money doesn’t matter as long as you have cool ideas.

Why most hacks focussed on developing sales?

Bhaskar: There’s a different between promoting a hack and a service. The difference is we have to reach the decision maker in the organization and then create a tool or hack for giving a solution to that decision maker instead of the whole organization.

Which channel to choose in social media for effective marketing for social shopping site?

Bhaskar: It’s always hard to say at the start because we have to give it sometime like 3 months for determining the medium you want to target. Instead of bypassing some mediums simply, we could have a better understanding after going through the performance of the various social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

What are the famous remarketing routes?
Bhaskar: It’s better to start with Google Adwords Remarketing option. Dynamic remarketing provided by Google is much more effective and will be accessible to everyone in a few days.

Give some information on Automated SEOs and How Automated SEOs are different from conventional SEOs?

Bhaskar: First we should determine what structure and content to use and then creating meta tags. These meta tags can be automated. We could set up a rule whenever new pages are created, they are to be automated effectively since 80% of the automation is done by codes & rules.

Can we choose hacks for a certain domain?

Bhaskar: It’s difficult to pinpoint a hack for domain. Hack is specific to the uer base not domain specific.

How to get our message to the target audience in traditional & other mediums?

Bhaskar: It’s all about choose what the user wants, how he wants and the locality of the user. Traditional medium is accessible right from kids to 60+ people. So, as a medium we can’t pinpoint certain age groups to certain media.

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