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Digital Marketing is not a new term anymore. It has already proved to be one of the most efficient ways of marketing in today’s digital world. Hence, it has become important to analyse the future of Digital Marketing and look out that how few brands addresses it. Develop an understanding on the same through the below webinar led by Abhishek Rai, Founder, Shack Co.

Q & A During Webinar With Abhisjek Rai

Q- As you mentioned about the brand dynamics and concept in sequential flow, and as facebook and twitter has their own engagement models. How do you decide which brand engagement model should be used for the brand or should a new brand engagement model be made for every brand? What are the tips and tricks for choosing a new community platform?

A-  If you look at successful brands, they know which platform to engage. Let me give you an example of a burger chain in US (which we don’t know much about). They use Tumblr as their platform where you see their different gifs of burgers; that they identified what platform works for them and their audience is stuck with them giving suggestions. What is important is the intent of audience and platform with the brand. Interesting conversions is what is keeping people stuck to the brand. Content matters and then brand is automatically connected to customer.

Q- As an activity, who takes care of the digital marketing? What all activities take place in digital marketing? Who should get involved in the company for digital marketing weather it should be outsourced or not?

A-  A typical structure of digital marketing is:-

1. Brands

2. Agencies

3. Individuals which carry activities

Every brand has marketing departments and in their; they have digital marketing which comes under communications. Many times it is made another section altogether for big brands. There is strategist below there is marketer and after that digital marketer which consists of Social media managers and executives who decides how many platforms they want and then they outsource this job to digital agency. Agencies are of two types; one which help you to build platform and other social media agency which not only build but also maintain them. There are also social media experts who are freelancers which help the brands.

Q- If brands don’t do these campaigns and contests, what strategies would you suggest them to promote themselves? (Facebook page is being done by everyone; what other way we have?)

A- Usually I charge a bomb to answer this but I will spill the beans. If not anything else start knowing your users. Just go to a person‘s profile who you think of as user and look into his likes, shares, movies, books and their personal info. Etc. Facebook is charging you because they are giving access to so much info. If every day you do for 5 profiles in excel sheet, in a year you will have enough content to map your database, plan your campaign and know your community. Every answer will come from here.

Q- Is there a difference bigger motor creation and e-commerce creation & nurturing? Will the same structure apply; since the website is already a product of e –commerce Company? What are your comments?

A- I used to teach in management institutes and I have done deep research in marketing. The dynamics building around a brand even if it is retail or ecommerce; it is same usually. Copying a brand doesn’t help you in any way and leads to downfall. Samsung is facing the same fate these days. You have to figure out selling same the things, but you have to be different in some other way and figure how to position it in market.

Q- How about small companies or start-ups should build their brands since they can’t hire big digital agencies? How should they build up virtual communities and how much will it cost to them?

A-  We stopped working as an agency a year before. We decided to work not only for brands but start-ups. Start-ups are trying to copy big brands but that won’t help. If I am start-ups, I would focus on what am I? Which problem I am solving of the market? Start sharing stories on their blogs and then facebook pages. Many people are waiting to listen to you and you stories.

Q- Though we got to know that brand communities play a major role for the company which is into mass market gain? How brand communities can help companies which are in very niche market segment?

A- I gave you an example of a company of energy bars. They are in niche marketing and they saw their audience and told them how they can be helpful. Another restaurant of US which serves salads and they tell how is it helpful and they are popular. Best education is best marketing. So, educate people from your brands.

Q- Is there any tool in the market which can help you to collect customer profiles on all these communities? Are there any good tools you recommend for them?

A- Companies are there in the market but you have to give thousands of dollars. Next thing can be is hard work. Right now no company will give u data free of cost.

Q- How was the impact on the brand measured on Ciat or Ford Ecosport creating the communities?

A- A campaign of Ford was done with pre-analysis and post-analysis. Are we handling the right audience and after campaign have I got right profile with right interest. Second impact is engagement of people. Another impact is change in perception of viewers.

Q- How do you manage transition from one platform to another? How do you manage the community when the medium is changed?

A- Location of cafe doesn’t matter, what matters is where your friends are. If you shut your platform and change it, your audience will join you there. Eg.Harley Davidson was only on website now there moved to facebook and google+. Even if tomorrow Ssnapchat they will move there.

Q- When we have customers asking for more likes and branding is in no time. How do you manage them to understand healthy way of digital marketing?

A- First these first is that all these numbers aren’t bad. Problem is what to do with these numbers. Right thing is to have milestones and figure out different campaigns to make them hype and not similar contests and picture uploads. Contest hunters are not helpful.

Q- When you talk of digital marketing like Google adwords? Are they really important and if yes then why?

A- Google AdWords is extremely important. It is one of the best advertising things of what are you doing. Others are just blogs and cms platforms.

Q- As a strategy, is it better to make a community on social media platform or on your own customer facing sites?

A- Nowadays, internet is not important. Social media is buzz. So anywhere you can bring customers is good platform. Be it social media, facebook or telephone social media like Whatsapp etc. Everything what matters is brand and user engagement.

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