Webinar Recording Of Learn How To Integrate Social Media Into Business Practice: Boost Your Brand On Social Media

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With the ongoing ever-increasing engagement on social media platforms, business entities are realising that to grab the attention of the prospective set of audience, they should have strong social media presence. Individual interaction on social media is at its all-time rise, but making brands renowned via platforms especially Twitter wherein news, updates spread like wildfire via trending hashtags.

To present the know-how of integrating social media into business practices with the view to boost your brand on social media, Digital Marketing Head and SEO of AfzalKhan.org, Afzal Khan led an interactive webinar for the community.

The key takeaways of the webinar were:

  • Primarily, he laid emphasis on leveraging one of the most trending social media platform Twitter.
  • Additionally, he propagated the application of the tool Hootsuite that basically helps to get free reports by email, send messages from a single platform, streamlining the posts and scheduling of the tweets as well.
  • Also, Afzal discussed with the attendees that it is extremely imperative for the brands to find the right social network for the business that they are operating. Also, accordingly, the audience can be targeted.
  • Furthermore, he also shared insights on the social media metrics and monitoring tools used to build ROI from the integrating practices.

So, if you too are curious to discover the answers to the didactic questions: why to promote, what to promote, how to promote, where to promote and when to promote, then this recording will be the one stop solution for these questions.

Do you wish to know more and develop a detailed understanding of different domains of Digital Marketing? Click Here to know about the upcoming webinars and gain knowledge from the past webinar recordings.

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