Webinar Recording Of Millennial Leadership – Building A Rewarding Career In The Digital World

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In the fast paced digitized era, the Generation Y has been impacted by numerous devices that play a crucial role in their lives every now and then. More so, the level of contribution is at its peak and shall only grow manifold in this ever-increasing digital world. You can get to know about it more through the webinar led by Rajdeep Lalvani, Associate Vice President – Times Group.

Q&A During Webinar With Rajdeep Lalvani

Q- What can I do to make sure that there is in shrink between different generations so best can be taken out of that?

A- Yes the Indian millennial is different kind of grouping because of this the world view they had established in terms of being the millennial generation couple with lot of traditional due points they are becoming strong generation of people in the entire world as we put it am I correct in my understanding.

We need to be very clear about them the Indian millennial is becoming very powerful force across the world and this is also becoming very apparent from the various position of authority that the Indian millennial is kind of taking up across the world. You have people in policy making roles in the various government sectors across the world. You have people in the World Bank You have people who have Indian origin who are millennial may be to some extent generations also who are kind of taking up the roles which are very policy driven role.

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