Webinar Recording Of Search Engine Marketing For Quality Lead Generation

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Lead generation is considered to be one of the crucial and very important parts of any company. Therefore, quality leads provide a great push to the company’s growth. Search Engine Marketing helps in generating quality leads. Wish to know how? Develop a complete understanding on the same through below webinar led by Reema Prasanna, exGoogler and SEM Expert. 

Q&A During Webinar With Reema Prasanna:

Q- What is conversion rate?

A- The average number of conversions per ad click will be shown as a percentage. General Rule – We should have 100 conversions per variation testing. But even 50-50 will be fine.

Q- Which pages to test?

A- Check the pages which cost you money. Landing page is important, the other area of landing page are index, special offers and top product. These will three will have more visits.  We should check pages that feed high-value conversion. The home page will have more visits.

Q- What is a Conversion to your clients?

A- 1st Reservation from completion, 2nd Online Sale of Merchandise, 3rd Receiving a call-in booking.

  • Conversion Tracking – Enabling and leveraging it to better understanding of business drivers.
  • Using Analytical Reports – Getting to know how visitors move through your website and interact with your content lets you optimize your website performance and conversions.
  • Google Beta – AdWords will give you access to beta features that we can opt in to order to test new products or features. The beta features are additional program policies that we have to follow in order to use and understand.

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