Webinar Recording Of Selling Without Spending: Guide To New Age Salesman

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Social Media listening and analytics play a pivotal role in developing an understanding on how to sell without spending. Simplify360’s CEO, Bhupendra Khanal shared his insights on the same and enlightened webinar participants with his experiences and live examples on Social Media. This webinar covered that how Social Media can benefit an organization for Sales without spending a huge amount and serves to be a complete guide for new agae salesman. Understanding the complete process from below webinar:

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  1. Mallika Devi

    I would like to appreciate Mr Bhupendra Khanal’s wisdom to explain so unique things which is in front of everybody but we in many cases fail to use it optimally. He highlights how easy it is to connect with people irrespective of their designation these days and how this can be leveraged into business.


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