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With the onset of 2016, a lot of new happenings are on the verge of rising, especially in the evolving domain of digital marketing. Moreover, a lot of newbies are entering into this fraternity given a lot of lucrative opportunities are emerging. Thus, in this context, it is important to be well-versed and be prepared to survive in the stiff competitive era.

To share thoughts and acquaint attendees on how to Survive Google : SEO in 2016, Karanam Srikanth, Head – Digital Marketing Manager, Spectraforce Technologies led a webinar for the community.

Enlisted below are the key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Primarily, Karanam stated that it is imperative to lay emphasis on organic results and enhancements. This is so because organic search returns naturally generated web page listings related to search term.
  • Secondly, he made a mention of mobile dominance. It is extremely evident that the year 2016 is going to be the year of mobile-centric activities, so efforts must be made to explore the options to survive, accordingly.
  • Furthermore, during the webinar, he posed a question to the attendees ‘Can we survive the future?’. The answer to this question was substantiated when Karanam stated that the need of the hour is to explore different options to survive. Moreover, he also mentioned that one should use other ways to list on the top of Google Search. For the same, there are different tactics like short tactics, long strategy tactics etc.:
  1. Use Short Tactics such as Paid Ads etc.
  2. Implement Long Strategy methods such as Remember user- Authoritative / informative content which user can remember and recall.
  • Apart from this, he also talked about the vertical search engines you need to optimise your website for. They are enumerated as follows:
  1. Image search optimisation
  2. Video Search optimisation
  3. Shopping search
  4. Apps Search
  5. Local Search
  6. Shopping Search

Precisely, ‘Search Engine Giant Google is a commercial ecosystem’. So, learn the art to survive it in SEO domain in 2016 via learnings from this webinar recording:

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