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Webinar Recording Of The Perfect Recipe For Digital PR

Webinar Recording Of The Perfect Recipe For Digital PR

Continuing the legacy of inviting industry experts and influencers to throw light upon latest trends and happenings in the digital world, this time Digital Vidya had the pleasure of gaining knowledge on creating the Perfect Recipe for Digital PR from Dr. Som Singh, Founder & Chief Marketing Advisor, Unspun Consulting Group. 

The webinar turned out to be a huge success as the participants could leverage information and knowledge on the essential PR ingredients to make the perfect recipe. Moreover, Dr. Som shared a generous media list with the attendees and how different tools can help for better engagement with the target audience.

Are you too curious to make the perfect recipe for your brand’s digital PR? Gain insights from the webinar recording shared with you:

Do let us know, what ingredients did you pick for your Digital PR recipe and how tasteful was the recipe?

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