Webinar Recording On Affiliate Marketing For Leads And Sales: Things You Must Know

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Wondering what is affiliate marketing? Wish to learn how affiliate marketing helps in generating leads and sales? Have a look at below webinar led by Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder of Cashkaro.com to have an understanding on the same.

Q&A During Webinar with Swati Bhargava

Q- How affiliate channels going to charge for repeat customers, for two or more transactions happened in the same week, One from Affiliate Channel & Other from direct channel?

A- The last click wins. For example: Someone clicked on a review site & checking up the reviews for products & services he/she’s looking for and might also clicks on a particular product to get its price and offers from the seller or retailer’s site but don’t make a purchase & he clicks on a cashback or coupons site to get the best deal so the commission would be generated on the Last Click Attribution from where the customer has finally made a purchase. On repeat customers, even the biggest of brands worldwide pay for the repeated sale, as just because the customer shopped through you once doesn’t mean he’s going to come back, so the biggest challenge all the e-commerce sites have is to get the next extra sale and there is a lot of competition, growing every day. So Affiliate Marketing by bringing new offers, better price, and better products keeps on attracting customers whether it’s new or existing.

Q- What happens in case if computer security settings are very sound & there are no Cookies allowed. Is it really a big problem as affiliate marketing is concerned?

A- Yes it is a big problem, there are technologies being built that are creating a system’s outside cookie base tracking. So there are things directly to the server checks, but those haven’t evolve to a more or broader market level currently, so not having your Cookie enabled will in some sense mark sales tracked at all. So, it’s a big challenge affiliate marketing facing today.

Q-  The biggest flaw in Affiliate Market I see is the customer doesn’t belong to you, competition will drive up advertising cost at the point where campaign is no longer profitable. So how do you Select Products? Any tips on top three hot Affiliate marketing programmes in 2014 which is better for conversion in Indian Market?

A- From the retailers point, the beauty of Affiliate Market is where they set the price. So, if retailer for example acquires sale @ 10%, so they can set the cost for sale by Affiliate Marketing @ 5%. So by design, they are able to generate ROI that they want. In the context of Indian Market to join Affiliate Market, the current e-commerce system is very concentrated towards 10-15 top players at the most. So I think joining Affiliate Programs for those guys is much profitable in India right now. By the last 2 years, there has been a great evolution of E-commerce itself in India & over the next few years, the evolution is going to be very rapid. So right now focusing on the top e-commerce platform is a way forward. Amazon is a good program to join, Jabong is a good program, Lenskar & the brands who are doing tele-marketing are also doing very well. So focusing on these brands will be a better option.

Q- How to use Affiliate Network if you have a Photography page on Facebook?

A- From the perspective of you having your own Affiliate Program, if you are thinking to business, won’t be big enough but Yes you can be the Affiliate and you’re having a Photography page on Facebook, so you can become a Flipkart Affiliate or Amazon Affiliate etc. whichever are relevant for your audience and for that you can Post Pictures & in description say I have captured this image by XYZ Camera & its features and it’s available at Flipkart or Amazon etc. at this price and post the Amazon Affiliate link. That is very contextual selling and will convert very well. But better keeping it small by identifying which are the E-commerce websites in India where stuff of your kind is being sold or kind of stuff your audience want to buy. Become an Affiliate for these only & start pushing. Becoming a successful affiliate in India, doesn’t need affiliating 500 or 1000 brands, but better focusing on top players because it’s a 90:10 game. 90% sales are coming from top E-commerce sites & rest by others are relatively small.

Q- Is google not looking down upon affiliate websites? Internally how challenging it is to grow Affiliate Websites in terms of uniqueness & building traffic?

A- I think it’s hard to generalize Google’s view on Affiliate Marketing sites because the view is probably negative towards the Spammer sites, who are practicing such ‘Black Hat- SEO’, that within 2 months of launching their ranking goes above & I think those ones is very right that Google is clubbing them down & it has to because it’s trying to randomize the efforts of everyone else who are playing clean. But it doesn’t apply to those who’re acquiring good traffic & getting sales, Google doesn’t looks down upon. You can’t ignore google but other than Google, Social Media Marketing & E-mail Marketing are also successful approaches to attract the targeted audience.

Q-  How do you get to the number to charge for Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Conversion?

A- Typically it’s benchmark to Google, where the most advertise we get the number we can achieve through & what they would pay for Cost per Lead, would be slightly lower than that. There is not as much math around it, it’s a mix of Science & Art like if you are talking about the Lead so to compare how much that person is paying for the Sale. Look at what are the Leads that people are paying for generally in the Market and you compare it with the Cost of Sale for that person, what is the cost of Sale & Leads by competitors in the market, general standards etc. & then it’s the negotiation between you and the brand, keeping in mind the cost they would pay for this to Google.

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