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Most of the companies have their applications available these days. However, it is really important to market these apps so that there are myriad numbers of installs of the same. Wish to develop an understanding on this app world? Have a look on below webinar led by Binay Tiwari, Mobile Internet Evangelist on App Marketing 101.

Q & A During Webinar With Binay Tiwari

Q- How to appear in featured application on Google Play Store under the downloads section, and what should be the exact strategy for marketing- paid media or not? Suggest something for a longer run.

A- There is a section of top 40 new applications in google store and the best part is that they are not among those big brands. The competition is quite low but you need to ensure that the application is good enough to fit for a longer run and all things are easy to check that what the application is all about like screenshots and short videos.

Q- Suggest a good strategy to launch an application? Also, should the application be free or cost or paid?

A- It is certainly one’s own choice but he discussed about the free applications. Even If u have a paid application then have its free version for trial by advertisement, other means as well or at a very minimal cost so the users know they want to pay for it or not. If the user like the application or the trial version, addiction can lead them to upgrade the application to the paid version to play further.

Q-  What if someone release a new version, will it be counted as a new application or just an update of the application?

A- No, its just an update and will not be treated as a new application.

Q-  Can you put some light on Application tracking softwares. Suggest some independent tracking sources other than Google Store.

A- Yes, there are various other independent tracking sources like Appster, Mobile app tracking by Tune, Criteo, Facebook and even asked to google other and I found the following other sources:

  1. Amazon Appstore for Android
  2. GetJar (Google Play)
  3. Slide ME
  4. F-Droid
  5. Samsung Galaxy Apps
  6. AppsLib
  7. Mobogenie
  8. SlideME
Q-  What is the average time for an application to peak or start becoming a trend? When should the push for the app happen, at the start of the application launch or after collection of few data of the usage of that application?

A-  First 30 days are very crucial for any application launch or start. There is another section on Google Store called trending apps, the applications can be new or old which are downloaded the most in past couple days. People will get to know about the application through this section or can work on paid campaign as advertisements to come in the trending section.

Q- Which is the best advertisement platform for application, is AdWord the only nice platform for this or some other beneficial ones are there?

A-  There is never only one source , you should look at all the options. Platforms like AdWord, facebook, network based inmobi have different partners where ads are shown, and different competitors or advertisers, different pricing and therefore every medium is important. There are other offline media of less than 100$(not expensive). You must select the most suitable media with the most relevant reach.

Q-  What could be the wall path cost for a mobile application or an OTA compatible across ios and  all operating system?

A- Not one single cost can be given for this , it depends on what version of ios you are targeting, the screen size you are choosing the app for and by using your cross platform like Unity, Mavlade, Tonegap you can make it compatible with all the operating systems. You can create an app and use this tool and save loads of money.

Q- What is the time frame for the same?

A- It depends on the functionality and quality off the app. Cross platform can help in managing the time and money at the same time.

Q- What is Cleartrip currently doing ?

A-  The front end of the app is really important and Cleartrip has a very nice one and payment gateway should be easy, has nice login functionality ,it does tracking of your payment , tracks your trip and various other things.

Q-  Can the app be with multiple currency for making the application viral and easy payment from all corners of the world?

A- Yes, this can be done, all development platforms and google play store offer multiple currency. You can even customize , select amount in a country on the app and select then make the payment.

Q- How to connect the app with Google Analytics for analyzing?

A- You can install tracking ,user analytics ,bug tracking has an SDK which provide software installing steps and guide for app installers and others.

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