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Wish to understand how to build personal brand through thought leadership? Learn about personal brand development and designing communication strategy so as to make it more visible in various communities, through following webinar led by Tanvi Bhatt, Founder, Panache Studio.

Q & A During Webinar With Tanvi Bhatt

Q- How often should one be talking to their audience to build a brand, especially for young budding professionals and also how long does it take to build your own brand?

A- You need to be socially active as far as social branding is concerned on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus, posting interesting content, branded content, content from other thought leaders in your industry and your communities; approximately 4-5 times a day at regular intervals to be visible in the sight of your communities. Moreover, only visibility will not fetch the desired results. Rather, it is important to engage with the people to build relationships because ultimately you need to make relationships and promote content for the sake of sharing. It has to result in something which is more meaningful which can be translated into opportunities in the form of business opportunities and job opportunities in the future. You need to even take it to the next level but engaging with your communities, thought leaders, influencers in your industry and get to know them better & more importantly know them better.

For the professionals, it depends upon the type of industry, what kind of career stature you are in right now. As per me, it takes around 2-3 years to be recognized as the go-to guy in the industry. You need to be very dedicated to build your brand both online and offline.

Q- Do you think the brand Rahul Gandhi can be redesigned? 

A- I think, yes. I have still not humped my boots on the brand Rahul Gandhi. I think for somebody who is a public figure, the kind of work that they do is really the game changer in that brand identity. So, anything and everything that we know and hear about them is media-fed and media can change sides at the drop of a hat. So what really needs to happen as far as the brand Rahul Gandhi is concerned, real work at grassroot level in changing the lives of people that he has an impact on. Over the next five or ten years, the political career that he has he can decide for himself, to evolve as somebody who is really worthy of taking the Gandhi family legacy to the next level. But, I personally think that there is a lot of work that can be done and should be done by the brand Gandhi.

Q- How to deal with your weaknesses in the journey of building brand YOU?

A- We strongly believe that being human beings, we are bombarded to hone are weaknesses and get better at it. But, what we often ignore in the process is honing your strengths. Instead of focusing all our efforts and energies in doing something which is not very good, of course I’m not saying it is not important to get better at your weaknesses, especially if they have a direct impact into your professional life. But, in that process you cannot afford to neglect those strengths or skill sets in which you are already good at and which is going to be the game changer in your career or your business. So, my personal recommendation to all of you is –do spend 40 percent of your time to get better at your weaknesses if that have a direct impact on your life and career but focus major energies in channeling your strengths and becoming so good at it those things that nobody even cares about what you are not good at or your so called weaknesses.

Q- How to manage this social branding when being a budding entrepreneur they are already engaged in the core business?  

A- For entrepreneurs, I strongly recommend to work with experts, consulting companies, digital agencies of social media consulting companies to get the best bank for your buck because depending upon the fact that whether it is a start-up or how well you are doing, the kind of commercials to take branding as a serious investment. I would strongly recommend you to work with well-established experts and consultants or agencies in your industry who you believe will be able to do justice to your personal as well as corporate brand because what happens is that your personal brand and corporate brand become much related as an entrepreneur.

Everything you do has a direct impact on your organization and you need to be the main face or ambassador of your corporate as well as your personal brand. So, ultimately your responsibility is to handle two brands at the same time and it is a formidable task. So, go ahead and entrust your brands into the hands of people who know what potential your brand has in involving in the next 2-3 years. You need to trust them with their jobs.

Q- For the products like furniture can internet be really helpful for anything other than lead generation?  

A- Yes, if you are the designer or manufacturer or a vendor for the brand of any furniture related products, apart from lead generation, creating brand visibility by being constantly present in front of your targeted audience, your prospective buyers and customers adds a lot more value to the visibility of your brand. This is so because people do not buy furniture so regularly. It is just once in years. So, how do you ensure that your brand touches more than just buying considerations and adds more value to them at daily basis to different areas related to living, home, dine, architecture, tit-bits about getting innovative designing areas in the house etc. can really help you to be on the fore-front of the consideration why people really want to invest in the furniture. So, social brand management for something like this line will be very critical in the long run.

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