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Are you leveraging all the tools of Twitter? Learn how to build a successful brand campaign on Twitter from the below webinar led by Hrish Thota, Senior Manager (Social Computing), Happiest Minds Technologies.

Q & A During Webinar With Hrish Thota

Q- Is hijacking a different brand hashtag advisable?

A- Yes, like I was mentioning, only man can so that was like sonypix which was taken it up, so in a way it not good advising right now, nobody can own a hashtag, so for example, if you are @sonypix is your twitter head nobody can touch nobody so you control who tweets from them or not, so a hashtag like nobody can owns that so for example you know sonypix uses that hashtag and makes it interesting for their people looking at their hashtag, may be people start coming to sonypix and then take part in the contest which is happening on that timeline, so what I am trying to say is that it is upto the brand you now and owns a hashtag they are giving useful information so that nobody hijacks that hashtag to tweet something wrong about that.

So there have been cases that got the wrong end of the stick that, basically they started tweeting about it and at the same time there were some issues with that thing and people started using that hashtag and started about the customer service and started blasting about that you know the kind of service they have provided and this took so viral that it actually back fights on them. So it is not advisable to if you are talking about as a brand I would not say it is advisable or not, but it is always upto you to use it innovatively and maybe get some of the followers who are looking at that hashtag on to your twitter head tagline.

Q- Can twitter marketing be a stand-alone online marketing strategy or a mix of other online marketing strategies are required?

A- This particular Aviva campaign also, they are using they are both using Facebook and twitter together and like even Budweiser was using twitter and Instagram together. So of course, you can always use twitter marketing only as a stand-alone thing if you have a certain goal in mind, but if you want to kind to not restrict yourself only to that medium you can also look at other mediums, but you need to ensure that same kind of message is being conveyed all across. So, you ensure that you don’t lose over different channel and may be you are using only one channel to direct towards other channel you don’t other channel you need to have action happening on both the Twitter and Facebook or if you are using both.

Q- From a luxury brand’s perspective how should its twitter account be used to engage its audience, If it does not want to engaged in thing like contest etc.?

A- Basically, that makes sense actually. I have also look at some luxury brands which run don’t may kind of contest and things, but one of the like you know it is not just for twitter one of the orange county one very good practice very premium resorts in south India they have got a regular which goes out to all the followers, which is going out to all database what they basically have is that they have all the information about some aspect of their resort, may be a naturalist was working there, may be a rare species of bird or animal which is found there. They talk about it and they cover a little bit of they have added a little bit of humour touch to it they added little bit of humour touch to it. So what happens, they also tweet about shared on this Facebook page about it and this I feel is very good because at the end of the day, they are not just running contest they for the last four years, a single contest the main thing is that a quality content what is there and they are providing it in the forms of a newsletter which they promote it in their digital channels and this which has been taken out really well and at the end of the day, nobody is getting a marketing newsletter from orange county. They are thinking that at the end of the day, I am learning something new from this newsletter about a particular place.

Q- What are the different traits of different Indian Twitter audience?

A- The kind of characteristics that I have seen that most of them are there are so that they can basically directly hear from the celebrity people filmstars, sports tars or kind of tv stars, but also but you know there have been increasing people who are taking part regularly in contest and promotions. I would say that at least the kind of number of people who use the people who take part in the campaigns in India is more than western countries what the kind of people who take part in campaigns in the western countries comparing with.

Q- Is Twitter helpful for B2B like IT services?

A- Yes, there has been, right now I would say that primarily I would say I have seen that Twitter has been used for B2C segments,I would say that there is always a possibility to use it for B2B,but you know I mean I don’t really have a case study where I can share it  about B2B segments but there have been cases where I have seen that B2B segment put in hand like dell laptops who want to target only CTOs or CXOs kind of an organisation. They start following these people and they also started following company twitter handles if people follow them they have used direct messages to kind of share some surveys, share some information kind of thing and they take it offline media or email media or something like that.

Q- To what extent do global brands allow local marketing teams to use Twitter any best practices besides internal ground rules?

A- I think if I understand the question right, so if like global brand like IBM is there and I think IBM India is there what is the kind of ground rules is there do they restrict much of the information so, I that feel that when a brand is talking you need to maintain a certain level of, kind of brand talk should be the same you know …should be the same  you cannot be totally different kind of brand so I mentioned the case about the hippo …suddenly starts tweeting. Hippo has always been funny, tweets always funny, do not tweet in a proper English. But, if, they started in proper English then people would lose the brand connect with it. So it would always be the global brands allowing people, I know that and they are allowing people allowing the marketing teams to use twitter,but they have also set guidelines which they should use one of the like you know and which is a restaurant chain case study shows which is a you know restaurant I have seen that they ensure that they always check back their south African headquarters before tweeting anything because they want did not want to be retained and sustained so that’s what they allow them to do.

Q- In doing a competitive analysis on Twitter, what factors need to be considered?

A- You need to, when there is competitive analysis you could always  use tools which I have mentioned so, you get an idea of what the kind of you know these guys are getting what kind of impact that these people are making and also you can look at stuff l like, you could also use social listening basically and just try to understand what people are. For example, if you have Airtel, your competitor is always obviously Vodafone and people are people have           about Vodafone 3G services, so you could use that effectively in your communication on twitter by starting to follow those people who have issues with you know Vodafone and then once they see that you are following them may be you have something interesting which should tweet to them but you always tweet saying that for 3G services we have got interesting offer. I am not saying directly tweet to them but people always tweet at the same or you could say that you could talk to them but that means some kind effort from your side as a brand to ensure that your message is not your marketing message,but it is something that you have to you are trying to help out. I have seen some really you know really great brands do that globally which help out the people on twitter itself rather than trying to take it offline on to a different communication channel. That way it ensures that other followers who are following both you and other brand the person who has a complaint feels that okay this is the brand which I  want to put my money because they are trying to help out this is the brand which answers my questions and they sort out my issueskind of things.

Q- How Twitter can help startups?

A- Twitter will obviously help startups quite a bit because right now like I was mentioning, you know running a Twitter campaign is not very expensive unless you want to go for something like a paid marketing and like I mentioned may be paid marketing may be prohibited for any startups but …you can ensure with just a fraction of the cost ensures that you know to you conduct some twitter training campaigns using and ensure that it still becomes a success.

Q- Is randomly mentioning non-followers in tweet, a good practice to engage?

A- No, I would not recommend against this, because what happens is that they will feel that you are just trying to piggy bag from their popularity by you are just trying grab their attention. I would say that rather than follow them and then you know most of not many people will get to know with their followers because most of us you actually seen have still enable Twitter email when we have some kind of a new follower but we still have that information  so that should not be an issue. But,I would say that we should not do unless you know we have some kind of a something interesting to tell that, so mostly we should not do.

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