Webinar Recording On Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies

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It is evident that digital marketing has taken over the concept of traditional marketing and of course there are no two ways about that. In the same frame of light, with a lot of people getting inclined towards digital marketing concepts and willing to opt for this domain as a career option, there are also a few of them who want to build their career in Digital Marketing Agencies as well.

Thus, with a view to discover different avenues available to opt for within Digital Marketing domain, Himanshu Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga hosted the Panel Discussion on Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies, wherein panelists Ravi Kumar, Assistant Vice President at AdLift Sanjay Singh, co-founder at Essence Digital shared their side of stories what are the skill-sets expected, what are the kind of courses / education / industry certifications can be obtained.

If you too wish to make your career in digital marketing fraternity, you can gain experience from the knowledge and information put forth by the experts and industry leaders, get access to the webinars here.

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