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Wish to learn how to make digital work? Learn how to improve marketing results and manage digital from the webinar led by the industry expert, Michael Leander, Multi Award Winning Speaker and Judge for Digital, Direct and Loyalty Marketing Awards and get complete insights on the same.

Q&A During Webinar With Michael Leander

Q- Could you please give me an example if someone has used engagement and it had made a difference?

A- We have to look at engagement in this way, first of all it differs from B2B and B2C, and secondly look at an engagement as an alternative way to stand as whether potential customer. So, if you drive them to a web page, they are not ready to buy or interact with you right now then try to ask yourself what would interest them at this point of time. Get them to sign up for an email, get them to download additional information, get them to interact with you on your social media channels that could make a difference. I think it’s the whole question about, as I sometimes joke about the NO SEX ON THE FIRST TIME right, I know that’s not common in India, but where I come from it is. Well I don’t know because I am too old for that. So I think it is very much about that dating process, understanding that lot of customers are not ready to buy right now, they want more information. One needs to be educated just like Digital Vidya has been doing for long time, providing free information to the people, to understand the quality about what they do, to do some other products as well naturally. That’s a very good strategy, takes more time, it’s more expensive , its more time consuming , if you need over this right now, it’s not going to happen that way. But if you do it well, and relevant to your audience then in the end you gonna be much more successful and you are gonna see decline in your customized precision cause as well.

Q- Most wanted of the response is insured, what you most want people do on your webpage?

A-  So you create a webpage, you have your purpose, you know what you want, let’s say you want a people to sign up for a newsletter that could be a most wanted of the response no.1 , most wanted of the response no.2, if they are not ready could be to lead them to some additional content that keeps them a better impression about your company so if they look at Digital Vidya they might want me to sign up for it but I don’t know them, I don’t know what they are about, I don’t know what they offer , so make it a second choice, say you want to know more about how we really help marketer, how we help thousands and thousands of marketers around, the world click here to see our quick five summary point about Digital Vidya for example, then on that page you have another most wanted of response which would be no need to sign up to receive free invitation for webinars and other kind of marketing trick, I hope that make sense.

Q- How frequently should you review webpage performance?

A- That is extremely well because many of us have so many pages and so little time right so I think the way I would do it from my own business is, I would take top 10 traffic driver or top 10 pages with most traffic and I would review them every week , get away to something else I will take top 5 pages that convert the most, so my most wanted response and I would also review them once a week, but I think this is a question that so relevant because many of us are so pressed for time, we don’t have the resources and even if we have the resources often I am sorry to say this, this is true all over the world, often we don’t have enough people who really understand this, they need more training in really understanding, I am surprised. I did my first project in 1995/1996 we launch our first e-commerce portal for the year. I am telling you we haven’t really confined in terms of really understanding what makes a difference when we are communicating online and trying to attract people. So I think unfortunately review depends on the resources, but don’t try to review at all your pages, try to sort of focus on which pages you can leave most relevant clue and then set it into the system, by the way if you working for an agency or if you are a client who have an agency help I would also force the two parties – the agency and client to get in that meeting, whether it’s a meeting like this online, once a week and talk about ideas , how can we improve, what are the trends we are seeing, because that type of juice is not just the juice baby it’s like ‘Awesome Juice’ where you can get some awesome ideas to few changes that does not call money over the time that you can do and then a week later you will know the result.

Q- Are you saying that landing page designed to fall same principles or pillars at the time is to find by audio-video pictures heading subjects body copy?

A-  I Think the question is if that still works and Ramakrishna I am so happy you asked that question. Because I cast something for you. We are not where people including David, Steve whom we saw before for one of the trades and perk looking up, we are all laughing about all of these online because People are trying to reinvent they really actually think communication online is new, common now, it’s not new, the principles are the same, it’s about people, it’s just a different channel. So yes I completely agree with you, while out of the end other’s define so many years ago very much till it applies, whether it’s on desktop or in mobility places, still about the tracking people, giving them the message to know that people interested in and getting them into act, understand what the friction is, why is that they are not reacting right now, how much more education do they need before they read, completely wonderful question, didn’t accept that because most of the people who haven’t been in this for 20 years they expect that it’s all new. This came like 10 years ago, so not like that starting from direct marketing and finding list of hopes.

Q- What is most sensitive side you focus on?

A-  The most compelling site which I recall making sad (sorry to hear that) give me hope or dreams is that universally right , I think it is, I am not sure about the sad part unless you are selling some sort of stuff that will make you happy again, but I think most of the time it’s about the dream, a hope as you said, We talked about 70% of people focusing on fixing problem as supposed to gaining something and I think that’s the emotion, I think there is another emotion as well Nishala which we tend to forget that’s trust, I think trust it has something to do with emotion doesn’t it, we are not going to be all hiked up about Digital Vidya if we don’t trust them so the question for many of us is on how webpages is , what do we need to tell in order to get people to trust us. Let’s say that you didn’t know about me  Michael Leander off course I have a website and there I have a some information about whom I am, but honestly I don’t have all of my pretentions there and think if I had actually I am knight of the DMAI – Direct marketing association India right, I should put there that, there would be something like a knight and shining armour whatever stuff like that, So the trust communication is also I think a very good aspect but other than that I think you are absolutely right, you answer the question yourself Nishala and thank you very much for that dreams and hope and find out to make the people sad.

Q-  There are times when we try to access a website and a page access is closed till we timely key in our personal details, accessing no ideas and so on, is this a good approach? Personally I find it an intrusive way to take customer details.

A-  I think that the piece on that the law of reciprocity, so you find it intrusive, may be you don’t understand why they want this information, but may be the person who is asking you to do that, you know that what they have is so valuable that most people would actually fill in their name and details I would say this is something you have to test with whatever is there, what you are offering and with your specific audience, just test it by having the prerequisite upfront, in another words way putting up your information and then going to the next page and get whatever it is and do this reverse as well providing information without inputting in any detail and then in next step try to get people to sign up for whatever, it is like whether it is an e-mail or search.

Q- What are the specific checks points to review homepage and how frequently it should be?

A-  Before we talk about pages specifically, we talked about weekly, but I think that would be apply to all of the homepages as well, if you are sort of a normal company, if you are an e-commerce company, I would say we are talking daily and whenever you are running paid campaigns, even if you are like just an average company not an e-commerce company then whenever you are running paid campaigns you should also be reviewing the traffic and the results daily. If we talk about the overall of homepage here is something interesting everybody is busy changing the sign of their homepages right now, so this is more stylish kind of look, but it is very interesting to see will that make a difference, I think often it and that’s not a joke actually it does, that’s a knowledge we have from research and study and test on direct marketing. So I am not sure I answered your question but when it comes to the result parts I think I did, when it comes to you mean review and considering redesign I think that very much depends on which industry you are in, what your competitors are doing and so on , by the way obviously responsive right now also for Indian markets or Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and so on I think that’s a must have now, that your website, your landing pages and so on looks good on mobility devices, I don’t think that we can push that investment forward any more.

Q- Who should be involved in initial reviews?

A-  I think first it should be driven by marketing people who understand communication but your input here about may be inviting sales, I think it is very good input, sales can often tell you if you talk about the objections from customers, a sales can give you a lot of information about why people don’t want to buy this and that with one of the products of competitors to that’s better than us and so on, so again to end it in short most of the time marketing agency , freelancers whatever they do once in a while, try to get some review sales may some different product or may be something completely different in your business to help you.

Q- From various analytics parameters what we should really focus on?

A-  I tend to disagree with you but I do agree with you on one thing Rinkesh which is that if you have a lot of pages may in lot of websites, lot of different activities it can be quite time consuming to sort of monitor all of these things, so that’s why I think we need to get back. You know that all 80 – 20 rule that 20% of the pages are probably more deliver 80% of the resource right so if you look at it from that perspective, this is all of what you are doing when you come to this reviews and understanding how to improve you never had that down of review that really matters.

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