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Are you aware of the term Display Advertising? Wish to develop an understanding on all key elements of the same? Then grab this opportunity and learn about past, present and future of Display Advertising through below webinar led by Karthikeyan Haldurai, Specialist, New Products & Solutions, Google India.

Few queries which were raised by participants were solved by Karthikeyan Haldurai. They are as follows:

Q- I am running my Adwords campaign to generate leads. As I provide services only in Delhi, my location targeting is Delhi. But, still I get 50-60% leads from outside Delhi. I am running search and display network both. Please let me know what I should do whenever you will be free during this webinar.

Karthikeyan: It is actually very easy. If it is searched then it means that people outside of your reach are searching for those keywords you put in with the ‘region tagged’, which is something called ‘query passing’ and is being valuable because I could be travelling to Bangalore but I am a person resident in Hyderabad and right now while travelling, I am trying to find something for my home, then it is query passing and that is why you are seeing some adds out there. On the display side if you go to campaign settings, there are 2 options for targeting people. Do I target people exclusively ‘from that location’ or target people who are searching ‘for that location’. All you need to do is to tweak that according to your need and you will be able to limit it. If you want people strictly from your location then select the option from the campaign settings, then you will get the leads strictly from that location and you should be good!

Yes, Iskay network also has the same setting. You can just say that, I want people only from the location and not necessarily looking for that location. So that setting is applicable for both networks.

Q- How is real time bidding different from current keyword bidding on Adwords right now?

Karthikeyan: Again, with the current year we have what we call Mac CPC, so we have multiple type of bidding inside Adwords. For this we have Mac CPC, ECPC and conversion optimizer. The conversion optimizer is a real time bidder remitted to Google display network. Mac CPC and ECPC are static bids meaning the bid into every auction is almost the same. The biggest difference between real time bidding is that, it is unique for every single auction. Conversion optimizer does that. So in this way, conversion optimiser is a real time bidder but is restricted to the Google Display Network. A full blown RTB is not only restricted to a network but across all exchanges. That is the key difference.

Q- How can I stop travelling sites like makemytrip to cookie me because when I revisit the site the second or third time, the ticket prices for that routes I am planning appear in front of me everytime?

Karthikeyan: I am assuming that you are the user here who are seeing an increased no. of adds from these sites. If this is the case then there is a non- cookie based browsing. If you do not like the sites following you then the best thing to do is to use these sites in incognito mode. This is a cookie free mode. Whichever site you think is following you, you just need to use the site in incognito mode and your regular browsing on the other side. As a user you have this option only or you can disable websites from dropping cookies all together, which means you will never get a remarketing add or interest based add.

Q- Can you share what has worked for Real Estate Developers in Display?

Karthikeyan: This has increasingly been a challenge. I have worked in the past with a few Real Estate advertisers. It requires a lot of patience! It is one of those which are having a long purchase funnel that can vary between 3 to 9 months before an actual purchase happens. You cannot expect any immediate return. What is critical for you is to track the conversions properly. For example, on a mobile phone, it is just expressing interest and you can just share the contact number or something and follow them offline but on a desktop, you can show them the location, plot and eventually ask them to sign up for the particular plot and so you have more information.

It is also as a website using ‘Hyperlocal’. It has worked really well for some advanced advertisers. The mobile users know your location really well. If somebody is searching for a house or a plot to buy then you should be able to naturally zoom in or provide the plots that are in their location or nearby location that they are on. Those are the couple of trends we have seen in real estate. In terms of advertising, we have location based advertising and really narrow targeting. So you should make use of that and if they are bidding from mobile devices which are likely high when they are looking from a location for a house or a plot there, you should ensure that you win that auction at any cost. So, we have mobile bid adjustment inside Adwords which we extensively use for real estate and also locations. Whichever location is giving best returns in terms of online advertising, you make sure that you win online auctions for such locations. So location bid adjustments, mobile bid adjustments are something you should be really looking at in terms of Adword. For website, we need to make discussion with IT team that how to make hyperlocal experience fast. How with a website or an app mobile we can figure out that where they are right now on their mobile device and try ensure the properties or the plots that are really relevant enclosed to that location, the better it is going to convert.

And also be patient and as much as we reiterate, it is difficult when you look at a quarter to quarter result. This can actually go over 90days from time of purchase to the end. But almost the cookies get expired in 30 days. So, eventually a person may have converted from online but a cookie has expired in 30 days and you cannot track back the information. If you have an internal methodology to track between the lead that came in and the source to do actual conversion, you will be able to attribute the value of that particular conversion in a much better manner.

Q- As per a recent stats on internet, the banner ads are considered to be a total failure; however, content marketing is picking up fast.

Karthikeyan: This is a challenge we have always faced with our regular advertisers as well. The quality of leads and most likely it is because your targeting is not right or your ad creation is not properly speaking to the users. Let us think of it. If somebody is searching on Google, they know what they are looking for, they want it right now. It is very simple that way. The simpler the keywords are, the more likely they are to convert immediately. That is why Search Tale is the best source of new customer acquisition and for sales. If you think of Display, you have to ensure that as much as you are targeting the right audience; remember that the audience on that page is there for a reason. And that is something we fail to bring in to perspective whether that audience is reading something or watching something including the ad. It is highly likely that you are reaching to them when they are doing something else and not necessarily immediately interested in the ad. This is where the quality of the leads may really become an issue because the person would be interested but he says, ‘Hey I found this amazing say a home decor item which he is probably interested in, was not high on his priority list whereas a person looking for a home decor item wants it right now. So, it is probably not as much an issue of low quality leads but it is the immediacy of the conversion which shows as the low quality lead because you are expecting a click through conversion from a display ad. This is probably not the best way to measure it. There are many examples where people saw the ad and may or may not have clicked on it but later on came to convert through probably an organic site or things like that. That is one way of measuring how the display ads have been impactful. Display ads have huge impact on increasing your brand awareness and on the other way on the internet, it is the best way to assess if your brand awareness has improved by measuring how many direct visits you have and how many brand searches you have. So, if you run a Display campaign with huge investment you want to make sure that has given uplift in the number of people who have directly visited or searched for your site. Even if there is a marginal increase in those visits, you can still attribute certain percentage of those conversions through the impact of the Display ads. I think it is as much a question of wait a little longer and also being able to attribute certain other impacts that the Display ads can bring in on your brand, which measurements are not very reflective about because we go by last click conversions and that is where all the issues come up.

Q- I do search Display ads but my CTR for search is 1.10 and Display is 0.9 to 1.2. But my cost for Display is more than search ads.

Karthikeyan: Yes it has a long funnel. You should not treat Display ads as Search ads accept when you are doing dynamic remarketing ad. That is the only case when you can treat a Display ad just like a search ad.

Q- Do you recommend a display network only approach, what is called remarketing in Google for leads, or a combination of both search and display networks?

Karthikeyan: There are going to be multiple types of ads formats that will continue to evolve. If you are interested to see some of the rising ad formats, you should go to iab.net, which is where all the rising ad formats exist. So, it is one of the rising ads for you to master which has pretty much all the functionalities. You want a static banner; a rich media ad where you can interact and play a game you can do that as well. You can watch a video inside that is embedded increasingly.

You must have seen a coke ad where you can actually just push a button and there is a kiosk in some other part of the world. If you want to give somebody a coke you can just click on the ad and say which place and can give the coke to the person. Whoever standing at the kiosk will actually get a real coke right there as a gift from you. These were one of the trials that were fantastic as much as it was a promotional event; it shows what an ad and technology can do. Your ad can actually go back and talk to a system and that system in turn can talk to a device and the device can actually serve the purpose. In terms of innovation considering a lot of advertisers are going for the devices that are touch based. The advertisers are going for touch screen ads. There is a revolution in the way we use devices and the way of consuming information has changed but the ad formats have not changed at the same pace. We are still looking at standard banner ads and interstitial ads that come inside. The ad experience is probably not as good as it is on a desktop. There will be a lot of innovation on touch screen based ads. For example- an ad with a feature where you can swipe it to the right, if you want to show interest or swipe it to the left, if you want to say that this ad is not relevant. Things like that are going to come. One of the things that I am really excited about is not all of the publishers or advertisers have a website that works well with touch and we have seen a lot of new companies are coming up with ads which can act as a website itself which will have so much potential that you can click on the ad and choose the product that you like and order it right from there and then you can do your transaction. So, the ad could become a micro website and the day that becomes that along with the ad giving you full touch screen experience, we would be able to really say that Display ads are right.

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