Webinar Recording: The Power of Engagement Metrics

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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Every company work towards the same mission and that is, maximize their value. But what’s the most valuable asset? Your product? Your branding? Or your team? None of these. It is your customers. Engagement Metrics is one of the best ways to track user engagement and thereby, increase engagement.

Engagement Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is concerned with targeting prospects with direct response offers whereas engagement marketing allows your audience and prospects to interact with you. The marketing approach which involves marketing begins when an interested person takes an action with an aim to interact with you.

Marketing is shifting. It is shifting from talking at people and focusing on transactions, to engaging with people – building meaningful, life-long, and personalized relationships.

In order to understand how engagement marketing can dramatically boost your sales, Amit Doshi, Head – Consumer Marketing and Digital at Lenovo India, has taken up the webinar on ‘The Power of Engagement Metrics’. In this webinar, he has covered various aspects such as crowdsourcing, use of influencers in Social Media Campaigns.

Following are the key takeaways from the webinar on The Power of Engagement Metrics’:

  1. Importance of Engagement Marketing in today’s industry.
  2. The percentage of your budget that should be kept aside for engagement marketing.
  3. Influencer Marketing: How to leverage this approach in social media campaigns.
  4. Explained the concepts with – Live Examples and Case Studies.

Found this Engagement metrics webinar valuable? You can get to know about the upcoming and trending webinars along with gaining knowledge from the past webinar recordings.

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