Webinar Recording: Unleashing The Power Of Modern Marketing

by | Jul 30, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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Turn around your head and you will find digital is the new buzz. In the changing era, the technology could be the change agent.

Marketing is one of the fields which is becoming a technology-dependent function in business. According to Gartner, a research and consulting firm, by 2017, the chief marketing officer of a company would be spending more on technology as compared to its chief information officer. This claim seems to be becoming more credible every day.

The role of technology is getting deeper and impactful with every successive day.

Another recent study by Gartner showed that 67% of marketing departments plan to increase their spending on activities related to technology over the next 2 years. Also, 61% are focussing on increasing capital expenditures on technology along with 65% of the ones surveyed are increasing budgets for service providers that have offerings related to technology.

In order to understand the need to rely on technology and the power of modern technology, Hitu Chawla, Director Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft India has taken up the webinar on ‘Unleashing the power of modern marketing’. In the webinar, she shared how you can amalgamate technology with marketing in order to get the best of both worlds.

Following are the key takeaways from this highly informative webinar on ‘Unleashing the power of modern marketing’:

  • How technology has taken up the fields and there is a shift from CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer)
  • How marketing has been digitized and what it exactly means?
  • The three different scenarios for:
  1. Social Advocacy
  2. Data Driven Marketing
  3. Content Led Experiential Marketing
  • How Data Science and Digital Marketing can be combined to give better insights and results for SME industry?

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