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Advit Sahdev CEO & Founder of ODigMa shared the top essentials of a marketer’s mindset with a view to success in each and every marketing campaign and put forth the same through this webinar led for Digital Vidya’s participants.

Q&A During Webinar With Advit Sahdev

Q- You mentioned that in one of the slides about treating you are vendor as partners and Now in that case the whole case of another connected point to that is when you talk about innovation like how do you really you know getting innovation building in your team versus doing innovation through a some third party vendor it just increases the scale of complexity so just to ensure what in your experience what kind of structure was possible in the case of the team review structure the business model or the relationship model works best to create this kind of a partnership model with the digital marketing agency like wherein you know there is a good review process also but at the same time there is set of a freedom that is also available for a third party vendor to innovate so I guess some of you are plan that work the best and some of your tips on what model what are the typical kind of model that works best in this case?

A- So, one of the things that works very well is brainstorming sessions of these sessions I believe case to case at least one session to start with whenever when you take a new plan we would make sure that our team and the customer or the partner and their team we spend at least 1 or 2 days together understand the brand philosophy things are to be done and everyone has a common ground has the same expectations, has the same point to start from and that’s where ideas start flowing in, it is very very important for people to get comfortable with each other there is nothing called a vendor or a partner or which exist it is people who exist, there are people on either side.

There are people who are on the administrative side people who are on the organizing side and when they start interacting and when they have these details whether it is through a workspace, work skype or a webinar or any other even in a phone and when they get comfortable with each other when the ice is broken then ideas start flowing in and everyone knows that they are working for a common cause and that is what really brings out innovation and the biggest hurdle to innovation is fear of rejection people might think negative in terms of “agar bol”(hindi : if say) my client will take it up or reject it, agar my team will like it not and now that fear will completely goes away when people get comfortable with each other.

Q- You talked about team development aspect right so as you mean that you know there is a company that is all set to outsource the whole of the digital marketing practice so as far as keeping the internal team what kind of skill set do you recommend them they should have in house to have a better model work in their cases or is it like give us completely the whole of it?

A- No, I mean of course you can give the whole of it but it is always good to have one person at least one person in-house who has a decent understanding of firstly your business and secondly work and the parameters that should be measured, like for example , this apparel brand they are very very traditional they have a they have most of the team based out of Tirupur but they have an office in Bangalore also so this Bangalore team a traditional team, most of the people over there are you know like and they do not understand online marketing they never burden on it and they pass on what they were supposed to do , when they outsource they would definitely do the work but it would become very challenging to explain them each and everything and every small thing you would have to go to their office sit with them explain them case to case and then they would understand half of it or just give up in between might as well they would also realise that we have someone who understands our business and who can translate this online marketing terms into how it is benefitting us or how it is not benefitting us that stage. Process essentially takes few courses and gives certain certification and so on then that person becomes equipped he has all the knowledge so you can ask the right questions to the agency and you can also help in the correct manner to the management.

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