Webinar Recording: The Future Of Search: Mobile, Augmented Reality, Social, Voice & Internet of Things

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Consumer behaviour is evolving at a fast past. Are you curious to know what will be the future of search? Interestingly, it will revolve around user’s online and offline behaviour both.  To elaborate on ‘The Future Of Search: Mobile, Augmented Reality, Social, Voice & Internet of Things’, industry leader Mandar Marathe, Co-founder, BriefKase Digital Communications Mandar, who carries an experience of around 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing led a webinar for the community.

Some of the key takeaways shared during the webinar have been enlisted below:

  • The webinar kick-started with the mention of the ‘Evolution of Search’. Mandar further stated about a Web Crawler– Brian Pinkerton that could be crawled on merely 25 websites. Hence, it was later sold to AoL. Then came Lycos, a default search engine by Netscape. Later in the year 1995, another search engine AltaVista came into being which was the first of its kind search engine that readily understood natural language. But in the year 1998, AltaVista lost ground to Search Engine Giant Google.
  • Search giant Google brought multiple features such as ‘Page Rank Algorithm’, ‘Google AdWords’, ‘Adsense’ etc. Later in the year 2007, Google’s Larry Page & Sergey Brin invested $3.1 billion to acquire the online advertising company– DoubleClick.
  • Furthermore, Mandar threw light upon the mobile searches and how it will dominate searches happening on desktops. Moving on, he also made a mention of what is Augmented Reality which precisely is he integration of digital information with the user’ in real time. For instance: Google Glass that allows users to search real world experiences. This implies that the search information will be based on what the user is seeing.
  • Next, he laid emphasis on the fact that ‘Being Current’ is crucial. It means that the recent news should be appearing on top search results, which is important for frequent indexing. This is termed as ‘Google Freshness Update– Caffeine Update’.
  • Yet another search feature that will dominate in the future is ‘Natural Language Processing’. This basically relates to the ability to answer the questions by identifying the entities in the search query and organized information display. Such feature is enabled in the search engine Bing.
  • Mandar also shared information on ‘Voice Recognition Mode’ which is personalizing the interaction with the search engine such that the explicit search query is combined with the implicit content.
  • He gave relevant piece of advice especially to the SEO Professionals to increase relevancy of search results, for higher engagement of content on app search:
  1. Use structured snippets for describing the data
  2. Predict what the user wants
  3. Index your apps
  4. Build content for different devices for cross platform engagements (based on the device/screen size, responsive design etc.)
  5. Create mobile specific content that is local in nature


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