Top 7 Ways to Determine Website Credibility in 2019

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Are you looking forward to some quick tips to determine website credibility?



Before we move towards the tips, let’s first understand the need to determine website credibility.

Why do people prefer one academic institution over the other? It is mainly because academic institutions differ in terms of credibility. Something that does not have a reputation does not get customers or buyers. This is because people are unable to develop the much-needed trust.

Same is the case when you talk about choosing websites. If your customers trust you and your website is credible, you do not even have to think about increasing conversions because you would have high sales volumes without any problem.

However, all of this depends on how trustworthy a website is and building trust on a public scale is not an easy option after all. Website credibility is based on various factors. You can freely evaluate these factors with the help of tools such as Pre-Post Seo. The more credible your website will be, the more organic traffic you will get.

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

One of the many reasons to choose trustworthy websites is avoiding scams. With the passage of time, internet scams have increased and a lot of people have lost tons of money only because they chose the wrong website. Hence, it is always advised that when you are choosing a website, check and double check the reputation of a website.

Judging the credibility of a website is not rocket science. By following a few simple steps, you can easily determine whether a website is credible or not.

Here are The Top 7 Ways to Determine Website Credibility in 2019

Website Credibility Source - PPC Mate

Is this Website Credible

1. Credible Websites are Registered with Legitimate Institutions

The internet simply does not offer benefits to users only. There are deadly negative acts including financial scams and misuse of confidential information which take place through the internet. If a user does not know how to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate websites, he would most likely face a scam. Hence, if you want to avoid online scams, you should be able to differentiate between websites that are dependable and the ones which are not.

(i) Every website claims to be operating from several years but facts are different in most of the cases. One of the facts is that most of these websites exaggerate the information presented. Some websites are only created for a few months so that they can generate revenue through illegitimate methods. Most customers who fall prey to such websites do not know how to judge credibility.

(ii) Before you submit your monetary details on a website, make sure that you have checked its credibility. A website that has been operating for one week only may not be rated as credible.

2. Watch out for Dummy Content for Website Credibility Check

Website Credibility Source - WP Daily Themes

Watch our for Dummy Content

A professional website would never go live with dummy content and most customers do not pay attention to this aspect. Professional websites are very particular about the content that is published. If you feel that a website has a list of links displayed with advertisements of becoming a millionaire in weeks, simply click the close button.

A reputed website does not post counterfeiting advertisements as this puts its own reputation at stake. Hence, when you are analysing a website, check the content published. Does it offer readability or is there simply a pile of sentences that do not make any sense have been published?

These are some areas which you need to focus on. Reputed websites that generate online business for their brands have a dedicated team for content development. Thus, you can be sure that such websites would not be involved in illegitimate acts.

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3. Watch out for Scam Advertisements to Verify Website Credibility

We all need to think logically when it comes to earning money online. On the internet, websites are full of bogus advertisements.

Most of these adverts claim to make you a millionaire in hours and days only after you pay a small fee. Do not even read such adverts as they are nothing buy fraudulent practices. This is also a key parameter to check the credibility of a website. Portals that have such promotions often have a question mark on their own credibility.

4. Professional Designs Mean Everything

To judge the design of a website in terms of credibility, you do not need to be a professional designer yourself.  A simple glance would give you a feel about whether the website is worth trusting or not. If the design has flashy colours and the overall appearance gives an amateurish feel, you should avoid the website and look for more professional options.

Professional websites are quite easy to identify. To start with, most legitimate websites have a simple design. Thus, if you see the use of flashy colours and too much animation, the website may not be credible. Reputed brands do not need to market their services through flashy animations on the website. Thus, if you see an overly promotional feel, check the reputation of the website before you select it. Check some top website designs to get a thorough idea of how website designs should be.

5. Checking the Google Page Rank for Website Credibility Check

The reputation and standard of a website cannot be judged from the interface only. There are other factors with the help of which you can determine whether the website is dependable or not.

In addition to that, a website may not necessarily have zero or maximum credibility. It may have an average reputation as well. This does happen when the website is in the evolution phase and building reputation. One of the important parameters that can help you with website reputation is Google Page Rank.

Google Page Rank is a numerical standing provided by Google to each and every website. The rank can be anything between 0 and 10. Highly popular websites like Facebook and Twitter would have a rank of 9 or 10. Similarly, new websites may be somewhere between 0 and 4.

Website Credibility Source - Javatpoint

Google PageRank

The important aspect is that apart from new websites, scam websites also get awarded with a low Google Page Rank. Even if you think that a particular website is amazingly better than the alternatives available, checking the page rank would create a safe side for you when it comes to website credibility check.

Page rank depends on various parameters and is not awarded in a randomly. Old websites that have held a high reputation over the period of time would obviously have a higher rank.

New websites start with zero and then make their way up. This is the reason because of which new websites usually have a lower rank. For example, consider that a brand has launched a new e-commerce store and you notice that your desired products are being sold on it.

It is obvious that you would want to inquire more about the website reputation before submitting your details. Looking at the Google Page Rank is one of the best ways to see whether you are picking the correct website or not.

6. Domain Authority is a Critical Metric to Verify Website Credibility

Website Credibility Source - 5 Best Things

Check Domain Authority

Changes take place at a rapid pace in the SEO world and the increasing importance of Domain Authority is a much-related example. Launched by the SEO geek Moz, domain authority is a similar factor like page rank. However, these days, it has acquired more importance than the page rank itself.

If you see that a website has a high DA score, you can be assured about its credibility. The scale of DA ranges between 0 and 100. The higher the DA score, the more trustworthy a website would be. However, it takes time for a website to develop a high DA score and you cannot expect new websites to have a high DA score. For instance, websites that have quality user experience and do not compromise content originality at any stage get a high DA score without any challenges.

7. Checking the Social Media Analysis of a Website

Website Credibility Source - Leap

Social Media Analysis

Social media is by far the most important factor affecting online business volumes in several ways. Brands are less active on social media have smaller sales volumes. In other words, they have a low conversion rate.

Similarly, websites that have a large number of online followers do not face this problem. This is because more people trust them and count on them. You have to go through from various digital marketing case studies in order to get the desired expected results with your social media strategy.

Checking the social media standing of a website is very important and helps in judging the credibility of a website. Let me give you an example. Consider that you have ended on a new website and you want to see whether it is credible or not. How can you determine the actual credibility of a website? Going through social media accounts of the brand is surely one of the best options that can be used to check the credibility.

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To start with, visit the Facebook page of the brand. How many followers does it have? Have most people posted positive comments? Are most people satisfied with the services of the brand? These are some questions which can help you in judging the website’s calibre. Through social media analysis, you can get a clear idea of what the actual credibility of a website is.


There are several websites of each product category these days and no one has the time to look at each one of them to make the correct selection. Hence, the standard of a website is judged by looking at a few parameters. One of these parameters to verify website credibility is the Google Page Rank.

Websites with higher page ranks are considered more reliable. This is a key factor due to which new websites do not get a lot of traffic initially. This is because it takes time to build a positive reputation.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood the above-mentioned tips to check website credibility.

Building highly credible websites becomes much easy when you combine it with digital marketing tactics. If you are looking forward to learning digital marketing, enroll in our Certified Digital Marketing Course.

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