Westwing Leveraged Web Analytics For Reducing Average Page Load Time By 18 %

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westwingAbout Westwing:

Westwing is an online eCommerce business established in 2011 in Germany. The website  offers international eCommerce services for home and living categories of products. It caters to around 11 various  countries within 3 continents. It offers a premium product line of home décor and dining on daily basis from designers and top most brands. It also has very exclusive shopping club for its loyal customer base so as to offer new innovative designs with latest trends. Thus, the mission statement which says “inspiring and making every home a beautiful home” best suits with what they do as a part of online business under a name called Westwing.

Westwing’s Business Objective:

As more and more members added, they got inspired to buy products or glance through them for future investment across many devices or platforms, whether through desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone. Thus because of this, complexity of following paths to purchase any product got increased resulting in Westwing to recognize that there is no need to understand exact pattern of consumer to trace through usage of various cross device habits and implement a very effective marketing plan so that whatever device visitors are using they should not feel difficulties or leave interest in the middle, ultimately leading to loss in business for Westwing. Hence, to summarize they were having two major goals:

  • To analyze cross-device usage trends and executing purchasing paths.
  • To make align all marketing decisions so as to meet with customer behavior.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Westwing:

With the help of Upgraded Universal Analytics at premium of Google Analytics, Westwing implemented a new set of features. This made them easy to collect and analyse data in structured and organised way. Unique User ID was allocated to every user to log in with the help of a universal feature which enabled users with unique ID to get associated with multiple devices, engagement data and sessions. It also develop a pilot in its Brazil operating house to test in a real environment before launching same in all other countries. They simply followed the Universal Analytics Upgrade process within 2 steps as mentioned above. They also implemented conversion tracking tool with code snippet and My Client Center (ACC) account across all its AdWords accounts. In short Westwing have taken below four steps into consideration:

  • To upgrade whole system to Universal Analytics premium in Google Analytics.
  • To embrace all User IDs to evaluate user-centred behaviour and analytics.
  • To enable conversion tracking with cross-account in Google AdWords.
  • Last but not least to Implement Google Tag Manager (GTM).


One of the success factor was because of Google Tag manager (GTM) which helped them to streamline tagging and reduce page load time subsequently. As per Claes (marketing head), the above feature delivered a competitive advantage. GTM enabled them to unify their tag management so that they can use only one tool to manage all of their tags. Above strategic measures have greatly helped Westwing to improve data quality, tracking parameters, speed of page. Similarly, cross-device tracking enabled them to glance about their customer. Thus resulting in average page load time to reduce by 18%.


What they get from overall process of implementing Google Analytics at such a high level is better and richer insights that open the door for more efficient marketing for Westwing. In future company plans combine cross channel data with app within Universal Analytics so that they can approach all their potential clients via effective remarketing techniques. Westwing is now confident that with overall study of consumer behaviour measure will allow them to be in strong position to optimize, analyse and tailor services to provide value proposition to the customers.

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