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What is Facebook Marketing? How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

What is Facebook Marketing? How to Market Your Business on Facebook?

What is Facebook Marketing?

Ever wondered how Facebook makes money! Signing up is free, using it for the lifetime is free, one can share numerous posts, view numerous videos. Literally, everything is free.

How does Facebook make money?

It’s through advertising. Facebook is a platform which attracts a lot of crowd due to its various features. It’s an apt platform for advertisement of various products or services.

That’s the business model of Facebook! It generates revenue through advertising.

What’s in it for an advertiser?

Since Facebook is a platform which is used by a large set of audience, in fact, Facebook has reported 241 million active users in India. These user profiles are comprised of all ages, professions, interests, behaviors of people.

Advertisers or marketers can get the best out of this platform as it is possible to target them on various aspects like gender, age, profession, interests etc., unlike billboard/hoarding advertisement in which advertisers has no control over anything.

The ease of making ads is one more perk of using Facebook as a marketing platform. Facebooks offer various types of ads such as image ads, video ads, slideshows, carousels etc. With a few good images in hand, an amateur designer can make beautiful and attractive ads.

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Steps to Kickstart Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s advertising platform is called Facebook Ads Manager. One might get overwhelmed with the various options and features of the platform.

Though there are a lot of tools in Facebook Ads Manager, the creation of a Facebook ad campaign is the crucial skill marketer should be aware of.

Step by step we will cover how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign;

Facebook Ad Campaign can be divided into 3 main step; Campaign, Ad Set and Ad.


One of the critical parts of Facebook Campaigns is to choose the objective of the campaign. It is very crucial because Facebook uses this information to target the audience who are more likely to fulfill the set objective

There are 11 distinct objective options are present;

  1. Brand Awareness – Reach the people who might be interested in your brand and thereby increase brand awareness
  2. Reach – Reach the maximum number of people
  3. Traffic – Increase traffic to various web properties of a brand such as a website, app or facebook messenger
  4. Engagement – Increase engagement to posts such as post likes, post comments, post shares, event responses, claim offers etc.
  5. App Installs – Reach more people to increase your app installation
  6. Video Views – Reach more people to increase your video view count
  7. Lead Generation – Collect lead information from interested prospects through lead generation forms
  8. Messages – Initiate conversation with prospects by increasing messages on Facebook messenger
  9. Conversion – Reaches people who are more likely to convert on website or app
  10. Catalog Sales – Ads which shows items from catalogs to the target audience
  11. Store Visits – Reach people nearby stores location and get them to visit your store

Ad Set

Every Ad Set has 4 sections;

  1. Page – If you have multiple pages linked to 1 profile, select the page for which you want to create Ad set
  2. Audience – In this section, select the target audience to whom you want the ads to reach. There are majorly 3 kinds of the audience;

         Custom Audience – This type of audience will reach people who have already interacted with your business through website traffic, app activity, offline activity, post engagement or by uploading a custom file of email id             & phone numbers.

         Lookalike Audience – Create lookalike audience of a previously built custom audience by selecting the percentage of similarity between them.

         New Audience – One can create a new set of audience by selecting demographics and interests like location,       age, gender, languages, interests, behavior, and connections (if any).

  1. Placements – Select the platforms where you want your ads to show up such as Facebook newsfeed, instant articles, in-stream videos, right column, suggested videos, marketplace, stories, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Audience network; native, banner, interstitial, in-stream videos, rewarded videos, messenger inbox and sponsored messages.

         One can also select specific mobile devices to target

  1. Budget and Schedule – Marketers can set a daily or lifetime budget of the ad set and schedule the lifetime of the ad set. One can also select bidding strategy and delivery type.


Facebook offers various ad formats to design ads. One has to give the short headline and description of the ad and they are good to go.

Various Facebooks Ad Types are; image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshows, lead form ads etc.

How to Market Your business on Facebook?

Facebook Ads Manager is one of the tools to be included in your Facebook marketing strategy. But that’s not all.

Marketing on Facebook is more of building community and fan following for your brand. It won’t happen by just doing advertisement by bragging about your product or service or releasing alluring offer for the audience to buy your product. Yes, it is part of marketing on facebook but it needs to be done moderately along with other types of content which would interest your target audience.

So, what is this other type of content?

This is the content your target audience would be interested in. Let’s say you are into the business of selling dogs food. Obviously, your first priority is to run Facebook ad campaigns to sell your dog food product.

But to get the trust from your target audience you can produce a lot of content addressing the topics dog lovers would be interested in such as; how to take care of your dog’s health, Types of Dog breeds, How to celebrate your dog’s birthday, how to ensure proper nutrition to your dog etc.

What we are doing here is producing content which dog lovers would pay attention to, slowly you can push your product in their buyers’ journey.

So, the answer to how to use Facebook for marketing is about understanding your target audience’s needs and interests and serve the best possible solution in form of content to them.

This makes them engage with your content, become your fan and become your customer eventually.

Popular Case Studies of Facebook Page Marketing

Zomato – Online Food Delivery App

Zomato is one of the creative brands which has set its mark on Facebook. Zomato has produced numerous creative posts which gives simple events more prominence.

In of its recent creative campaigns, Zomato has introduced its food delivery service in new cities in a very creative way.

Zomato Creative Ad 2

Zomato Creative Ad 1

Amul – The Taste of India.

Amul has been a creative brand in the industry for many decades. With its invasion of the social media channels such as Facebook, its creativeness has reached its peak.

Amul is a brand which promotes Indian athletes and their victory in various championships enormously.

Amul Creative Ad 1

Amul also has supported India in its tough periods by producing creative content which resonates with the situation and promotes it to reach many people.

Amul Creative Ad 2


Knowing what is facebook marketing correctly makes a lot of difference for the marketers. Best way to market on Facebook is to create a game of creativity, strategies, planning and effective implementation. The goal is to reach your audience organically, which requires you to spend some amount of money initially.

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Facebook as a platform is evolving every day with new features which will help both marketers and regular users. Make the best use of this wonderful platform and flourish your business. Learn Facebook marketing from the experts to help you flourish your business.

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