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What is Facebook Marketing and Why is it Becoming Every Marketer’s Choice?

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What is Facebook Marketing?

The world’s most popular social networking site Facebook has been attracting eyeballs of the marketers from almost every industry and seems to be getting enough results to continue the marketing campaign. In this blog, we lay emphasis on ‘what is Facebook marketing?’ and its tips and tricks.

Now, what is Facebook Marketing exactly? Well, Facebook Marketing can be simply defined as the practice of using Facebook as a platform to carry out the marketing activities of a company. The gateway of this market place is the Facebook pages. With over 1.23 billion users and still counting. Facebook has overshadowed any other social networking site that ever existed, Every (Ok! almost every) social media app today has an option to log in with Facebook. It is the primary social networking site which is so influential that some people even confuse it to be the internet itself. In such circumstances, it becomes very difficult for the marketers to ignore such an influential network knowing that their potential audience is making use of this media on a regular basis. The present statistics show that about 40% of the marketers are already using Facebook for their current marketing activities. But is there a need for all this?

What is Facebook Marketing

Yes, there is a need for businesses to mark their online presence in order to go digital but that does not allow us to conclude that Facebook presence is what will solve the purpose. However, there are several perks of having the business’s products being marketed on the world famous social media app and networking sites. At present, every smartphone includes a Facebook app in the list of apps that are stored internally.

Facebook marketing includes each and every activity that is practiced to drive user traffic to the website or simply boost sales in general. The facebook marketing strategy is prepared in accordance with the functioning of the social media site unlike the traditional practices of marketing, the strategy adopted is relatively different.

How to do Facebook Marketing?

Well, this is amongst the most frequently asked questions and there is a long list of practices that can be employed as a part of the Facebook marketing. In this space, we will be taking look at some of the most rewarding Facebook practices. Come, let’s take a look.

1.) Make a Facebook Business page

First and foremost, make a Facebook business page to create a permanent address for your business on Facebook. This is the first step in the process of starting with your Facebook marketing campaign. Making a Facebook business page is like giving an entity to your business on Facebook. It will be the point of contact for the audiences that want to look up for your business over Facebook and also the marketers have their own space to keep on posting information regarding new product launches, seminars or any kind of events hosted by the company.


2.) Work on the Facebook page- regular posts, Profile picture, cover picture

If you think creating a Facebook page is all that you need to do to market your business or products on Facebook then you are highly mistaken. As mentioned prior, making a Facebook page is only the first step in the process of beginning Facebook marketing for your business. This step is followed by several other tasks that need to be performed in order to register the business in the minds of the potential audience. To make this possible there are some vital activities that must be performed on a daily basis and that include- regular posting on the Facebook page, Updating

  • Regular posting on the Facebook page
  • Updating the Profile picture and cover page of the Facebook business page
  • Inviting the people in the Facebook friend list to like the page so that they are informed about the same and most of them would also like the page.
  • Share relevant status updates and pictures and videos of the related events.
  • Be responsive to the comments and queries on the Facebook page and do not respond to the negative comments.
  • Use the page as a medium to communicate with your audience. As an initiative of communication, you can announce attractive giveaways that will be rewarded to the winner at the end of the concert.
  • Usually, the new businesses actively exploit the Facebook contest to gain likes on the pages. You must have come across several such contests on facebook where they ask you to first like the facebook page in order to participate in the contest. Even on Instagram, many such giveaway contests are conducted that demand you to first follow the business profile in order to participate in the giveaway contests. This is a deliberate attempt to increase the likes/ followers on the page.

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3.) Tell about your business

Your Facebook page must talk in detail about your business. You must not make the mistake of assuming that people will be able to comprehend from the posts or be overconfident enough to think that they would be already knowing about your business. Mention your services, location, phone number and all the other necessary details to appear as a reliable and legitimate business.

4.) Share videos

Since Facebook has a video trend taking all the thunder, so go with the flow and make the most of it. Videos are attracting the maximum user attention than ever. So be upfront and share video testimonials, tutorials, the making of your product, a ‘how to use video’ or anything that goes with your business’s theme should add to the popularity.

5.) Be sure that you don’t become that annoying business page that spams its followers

Yes, I know I did ask you to post regularly but there is a thin line between posting regularly and spamming your audience with unnecessary updates. Make useful posts and share information that your audience would be interested in reading. Remember, there is a thin line between building interest through posting useful content and assuming the information you post would be of interest to the audience and simply spamming them. There’s a reason why you are been asked to post at fixed intervals.

6.) Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Once you have spent some time on Facebook in an attempt to gain some popularity with the help of unpaid activities. It is time to make small amount investment in order to gain some real attention and reach the audience you would not be able to reach otherwise.

So, now when you decide to finally begin an ad campaign for your business. Be wise! When I say be wise I want you to understand that when you venture into the advanced settings option of Facebook, you get an option to select the audience according to the behavioral activities conducted by them. To make the most of the advanced settings provided by Facebook, you need to have a prior definition of who your audience is and what is their ideal behavior. Having this information prior mentioned in your Facebook marketing strategy you will know whom to target and thus you do not have to show your ad to all. With an option that lets you select your desired audience, you would be able to better craft your ad’s creative and be able to leave a more lasting impact.

Moreover, do you know what is Facebook marketing campaign’s best part? It is definitely the feasibility. The per day budget of a Facebook ad campaign can be as low as 40 INR and can go up to as high as you want it to. The starting amount of a Facebook ad campaign is nothing compared to an ad run on a television, newspaper/ magazine or a Radio. Give it a thought! why wouldn’t a marketer choose a platform that is been actively used by their audience and also is so cost effective?

The only hindrance that a marketer may face in carrying out a Facebook ad campaign is that having complete knowledge of how to earn money from Facebook ads?

7.) Keep a track of the achievements and areas of improvement

Leaving the activities without measuring their performance is like closing your eyes and driving, you don’t which way are you going. Making use of the insights provided by Facebook to measure the performance of the campaign carried out by you to promote your business. Unlike Google Analytics, you do not have to wait for a considerable amount of time (30-45 days) to measure the performance of a Facebook marketing campaign.

You can instantly see the results of your campaign both- during the campaign and at the end of the campaign. Keeping an eye on the results is effective in measuring the performance and knowing the shortcomings in the existing creatives. Since the Facebook insights do not share with you the areas of improvements and are restricted to insights only we have written a blog that talks in detail about how to use Facebook power editor tool. This tool helps you to get your ad copy rated on a scale of 10 on the basis of how relevant the ad copy is to the final consumers.

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8.) Select a powerful CTA button

Though Facebook is already going to ask you to do it, yet it is important that you keep this point in your mind as an important feature of the ad copy. Just imagine if you are able to lure the consumer with your ad copy and they’re all impressed. But your ad does not have a Call To Action button, you would miss the opportunity to make a sale. Thus, it is wise to give a direction to the positive thought that is generated in the consumer’s mind after watching your ad copy.

Some of the most common Call To Action buttons include Watch more, Buy more, see more, etc.

Include key elements that go well with the Facebook app

Considering the app’s layout is one one of the most important elements of Facebook marketing. Since a majority of users today login from the app installed in their smartphones, it is highly important that the Facebook marketing strategy of a company has a separate provision for Facebook App since there are a variety of features in the app that may not reflect on the browser.

From here we would be moving on to read the benefits of Facebook marketing. This space majorly focuses on the Facebook marketing tips and tricks and aims to highlight the reason behind the increasing interest of the marketers in Facebook as a platform to conduct marketing activities for their company’s products or the overall business.

What are the Facebook Marketing benefits?

  • Your audience is readily available to you.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You have complete control over each activity on a personal level.
  • You can choose your audience.
  • You get to directly target your potential audience.
  • A wide reach in a minimal amount of investment.
  • There is a scope for optimization in real time.
  • The marketer can measure the performance of the campaign as it proceeds. This enables them to have a list of the areas of improvement and the achievements made too.
  • Real time performance tracking is a feature no other marketing platform offers its marketers.
  • You do not have to show your ad to all instead, you can spend all your money on the specific audience that is listed as the potential audience according to your Facebook Marketing strategy.

So now we would move further to read about the resources that can help you in carrying out a better structured Facebook Marketing campaign.

Resources to learn What is Facebook Marketing:

1.) Facebook Marketing tools

The facebook marketing tools come into use when the features provided by Facebook fall short of meeting the needs of the consumers. Here’s a list of Facebook marketing tools that will ease your task. Take a look!

  • Facebook Power Editor tool

The Facebook power editor tool is one of the most preferred tools by marketers all over the world who are regular to use Facebook as a platform for carrying out business marketing activities. As the name suggests, this tool is considered to be powerful enough to help with many Facebook marketing features. To know more about this tool you can read this blog.

  • Agora Pulse

This is a free Facebook marketing tool that helps you schedule all your Facebook posts in advance to save you from the trouble of sticking to your devices to post each time. Agora Pulse gives you a wide campaign option such as coupons, photo contest, fan vote, instant win, personality quiz, quizzes, and sweepstakes.

  • Facebook Page Barometer

Facebook Page Barometer is the perfect tool to know where your Facebook page stands. The tool gives you an insight that focuses on engagement, reach, virality, feedback, and much more. This Facebook Marketing Tools also compares your page results with other pages with a similar number of fans. The tool is absolutely free to use.

To get suggestions for more Facebook Marketing tools read our blog that features 11 Facebook marketing tools.

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2.) Books on Facebook Marketing

There are a million books that teach you about the Facebook Marketing know- hows. Here’s a list of the top 5 Facebook marketing books as per our survey.

  • Facebook Marketing: Strategies for Advertising, Business, Making Money and Making Passive Income

    what is Facebook marketingThis Facebook marketing book by Noah Hope gives you the strategies for Advertising, Business, making money and making passive income.

  • Facebook Marketing:25 Best Strategies on Using Facebook for Advertising & Making Money Online 

what is Facebook marketing

This Facebook marketing book by Kenneth Lewis offers you the Social Media, Facebook Marketing Strategies, methods Passive Income and talks in detail about what is Facebook Marketing. 

  • 101 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses

what is Facebook marketing

This book by Lasse Rouhiainen enlists a 101 Facebook marketing tips and strategies for small businesses. 

  • Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Facebook

what is Facebook marketing

This book by Peg Samuels and Matthew Capals aims at teaching Facebook from the basics.

  • Facebook Marketing Workbook 2016: How to Market Your Business on Facebook 

    what is Facebook marketing

This Facebook Marketing book by Jason Mcdonald is a wholesome guide on how to market your business on Facebook.

If you are not in a mood to spend that kind of a money to learn what is Facebook Marketing you can always download one of the many Facebook marketing PDF available online. Further, proceeding towards the end of the blog. Let’s take an example of a Facebook Marketing Case study:-

Facebook Marketing Case Study

what is Facebook marketing

Nike’s logo

About Nike

Nike is a multinational organization that is focused on designing, developing and selling footwear, apparel, accessories and a lot more to the targeted audience all over the world. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area.  It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion.

Strategy Adopted

  • The brand bifurcated their online presence for each of their business segments. They did have a  Facebook page initially but they rather chose to create a separate entity for all their segments. They created a separate page for the various games they provided sportswear for, like Basketball, Football, Running, Tennis, etc. The named the pages as Nike+ Run Club, Nike women, etc.
  • On these individual pages, they preferred to post the news that is relevant to these page’s theme. They practiced publishing a generalized form of information avoiding all the scopes of aggressive promotion.
  • so through all these pages they basically aimed at building engagement and mentioning their products every now and then.

Results Achieved

  • They provided a wholesome space to each segment’s audience. This was indeed a smart move as the colliding of subject matters can be totally controlled with this.
  • People knew where they need to look upon for the kind of updates they were looking for.
  • Since the pages decided to update more of the relevant news and less of promotional updates. They established themselves as a more legitimate source of infotainment.


  • If you are diverse in your offerings, it is better to create different spaces for each. This helps in building the authenticity.
  • It gets easier to target their audience.
  • Provide the information that the audience would be interested in reading and not the information you want them to read. Their Facebook marketing campaign offered relevant news and saved themselves from the concept of promoting their products in each post.
  • They basically used their brand name to post related sports news and each time the user read the news on Facebook, it popped up with their name, thus, registering it the in the minds of the users.

Your Turn Now!

Write to us if the information provided in the blog catered to what you were looking for. Tell us about the successful Facebook marketing campaigns that you have carried out and believe, can work as an inspiration for others. Talk to us through the comments!

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