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WhatsApp Helps To Trigger 15% Of Online Sales

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Interestingly, going by its name, was launched by duo of Bombay IITians- Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot on April Fool’s Day- in the year 2012.  To create and present something out of the box yet contemporary stuff to the young brigade, the duo decided to set-up their flagship brand by the name Bewakoof. A recently launched e-commerce portal, has created a stir especially in the youth population.

Within a short span of merely 2 years of its existence, Bewakoof has managed to spread its reach to as many as 1 million Facebook fans. No wonder this was a sure shot number to hit after offering official movie merchandises for movies such as Bewakoofiyan, Gunday, Singham Returns, Sholay, Boss etc. Amongst them, has also created movie merchandises of Son of Sardar and one By Two.

The intrinsically motivated team of 100 creative individuals leave stone unturned to cater to the needs of extremely insightful individuals and ensure mass reach. The line of products offered by are not only available to native country people but also to people based at several international destinations. Approximately 30,000 products are delivered every month to various international destinations besides catering to the demands of native youth population.’s Business Objectives

The company wanted to launch its sales process through a mobile messenger as it is one of the most feasibly viable mode of connecting with the targeted set of customers in a comparatively shorter period of time. Moreover, amongst other mobile messengers, WhatsApp was chosen because in the present day world, it is more widely used. Also, it is more likely that the resultant factor of using WhatsApp will put forward instant replies as compared to other social media platforms or sending emails.

So, to extend its network and offer a variety of unusually likeable merchandise and other stuff, especially for the youth, Bewakoof pitched its prospective set of customers via WhatsApp mobile messenger.  It allowed the users to make their online purchases even via WhatsApp.

Approach/Strategy Adopted by       whatsapp conceptualized an interesting idea, which is to launch its ordering process on WhatsApp. It created a simple platform to wherein to shop for a product, the person had to mention the product name, his/her name and address and send a WhatsApp message to 7666655001, which is the official number for this service.

The ordering process was explained by the company via putting forward three instances. These are mentioned as follows:

  • The first instance was if the customer knows what he/she wants, they were simply supposed to ping and tell Bewakoof about their requirement. This was a usual matter of making online purchase.
  • Another instance that Bewakoof substantiated was that if by any chance internet’s slow speed acts a hindrance for browsing the entire set of collection, then to retain their prospective buyers, it was simply asked to ping Bewakoof. In response to their desired product, they will send the images of what they have in store.
  • Last but not the least, if any customer gets lured by any of the product(s) offered by Bewakoof on its online portal, which his/her was already using, then the aspiring customer could send them a picture of that product. By doing this, Bewakoof will place the order on that buyer’s behalf.

All in all, every attempt was made to acquire and retain the customer. The simple concept worked really well for this booming brand. Within a very small time-frame of three months, WhatsApp helped Bewakoof to bring about 15% of its online sales’ demand.

Results Achieved by

This whopping number of successful sales is the resultant of hitting the nail on its head at the right time. Since analyzed the right potential and worked upon the right way to leverage WhatsApp as the ideal platform to spread a word about launching the new ordering process.

This concept that worked in favour of the company helped to witness 15% of online sales, all alone through targeting WhatsApp users. As suggested in their instances, the online orders at comprised of both direct as well as assisted orders. The result was overwhelming as the company witnessed as many as 10,000 pings on WhatsApp from the curious customers. The pings comprised of questions, queries, suggestions, order placements and other affiliate interactions thus acted as the best two-way user interface.


In this fast paced tech-savvy digitized world, it is a wise mind’s decision to leave behind traditional marketing platforms, rather opt for ways that are fastidious and contemporary which will undoubtedly yield best results in a comparatively shorter period of time. did just the right time, at the right place and in the right frame that resulted in a decent amount of return in terms of the amount of investment made by the company.

The story does not end here, after receiving a positive response from WhatsApp users, now aspires to fetch 25% of sales, all from WhatsApp alone.

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