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When Marketers Learned about Branding via Social Media

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Carrying forward our series of keeping you updated about our event appearances, in this post we will cover Digital Vidya’s representation at recently conducted Global youth marketing forum & Franchise India exhibition. Pradeep Chopra took sessions on Social Media in both events. And the topic taken was ‘Branding via Social Media’.

‘Franchise India’ event was held from 11-12 Dec 2010 & ‘Global Youth Marketing’ from 8-9 Feb2011. Both the events are high profile events & cater to the need of entrepreneurs & marketers respectively. Here we would like to share some insights from Pradeep’s presentation. Detailed slides can be found embedded below.

Branding via Social Media is all about Word Of Mouth (WOM). Because if you can come up with some idea which is really unique & you engage well with your customers, they will become evangelists & spread your message far & wide. Then it can be a great ‘Will it Blend?’ viral video of BlendTec or an entire facebook page managed by fans in case of Coca Cola.

Apart from WOM, what else is required is removing walls, being unique & connecting with users directly. Then again people will evangelize you if you provide them with good & quality offerings. Then it can be a small candle selling business like ‘My Sunshines Candles’ whose website leads to their facebook page & they do their entire business on facebook or a tweet to order (T2O) business model of Pune & Mumbai based Faaso’s restaurant.

Brand building also involves reputation management & it can be done so effectively via social media because you can listen & interact with your customers directly. Customers don’t get any wrong information because some times there is a danger of rumors during the times of crisis. So, the crisis can be avoided & reputation can be managed very well by honest & responsible communication with the customers. It’s not an accident that so many companies are using Twitter as a CRM tool these days.

Can you think about any more ways where Social Media can help build a brand? We are sure there can be!

[slideshare id=6070172&doc=brandinginsocialmedia-101207234605-phpapp01]

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      Social media is today’s popular platform in online business and specially for branding it’s mandatory concept.

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