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Why Bounce Rate Is Such A Trustworthy Metric Of Web Analytics?

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It’s very simple to answer this question as to why Bounce Rate is such a trustworthy metrics at all. Since its one of the successful web analytics approaches, anybody can become a huge fan of metrics called bounce rate. After understanding how it works its very easy to take advantage out of it effectively. Here are some steps one can follow:

1. Measure what is exact bounce rate for website’s traffic generating sources.

2. Next measure bounce rate of various campaigns like PPC campaigns, AdCenter or may be AdWords.

3. Finally measures the bounce rate of of the pages which were having most traffic as it is very important here to know.

By doing above things you will get to know which site, which page of yours is driving most of the traffic and on which pages or site you really need to work hard. Every business is different, so here is the data and the effective way to navigate the data. You should then figure out what’s best for you.

As it is correctly said by Mr. Avinash Kaushik that the reason he likes the bounce rate is because of its power and at the same time he says it is a “Brilliantly Dumb” tool because of it’s easiness to understand. Bounce rate is nothing but a percentage of visitors coming to your site and leaving without visiting other pages. If bounce rate is high means website is not attracting visitors. As per article: “As a rule of thumb, the average bounce rate is 50 percent but if gets surpass by 60 percent, then it’s a mark of concern. If it is exceeding 80 percent, then you have got a major problem which needs instance solution”.

People spend lots of money on Adwords or Affiliate Marketing but this metrics helps understand that from where you are getting most of the traffic. It’s easy to go into metrics and get the bounce rate of your site. Let’s say 65% is the bounce rate for any site, so lot of people will not wonder why the conversion rate is 1 %. Let’s take another example, most of people do marketing through E-commerce but conversion rate happens to be 2% or 3%. Why? Because that’s the standard average conversion rate in U.S. Let’s refer to below image where information like Bounce rate and total visits of some sites like “”, “”,”” is given. You can compare that the bounce rate for “” is highest which means people are comming and leaving instantly after visiting the site and thus an appropriate action must be taken to improvise on that part. Similarly bounce rate for “” is around 33% which means it is running good.

Bounce rate metrics

Bounce rate metrics

If suppose most of the websites traffic comes and leaves instantly, then the reason could be because of bad campaign or maybe your site lacking somewhere. You can compare landing pages and bounce rate simultaneously to get which page is landing more traffic. Then ask one question “Are those pages actually doing good job as compared to the Homepage?” If no, then find a solution. It majors bounce rate at a site level, major bounce rate for site’s Core Acquisition Strategies, major bounce rate for top entry pages.  Then you can decide whether you are betting on wrong keyword or is it that your creative or landing page is wrong? Lastly Bounce rate is nothing but a quick qualifying metric.

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